Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Holidays!

Warm holiday wishes, everyone!  Hope you all have been keeping dry...I've been trying to here in sunny stormy California!  Thankfully the sunshine has returned.  As you might be able to tell in the picture above, the attendees of D&G's Turin Winter Olympics-inspired show of Fall 2006 experienced a bit of (artificial) snowy weather.  Lovely to find some Christmas spirit on a February, right?  Not for the guests wearing black under that snowfall!  As kitschy as the show was, the models, including Gemma Ward and Tatyana Usova, looked quite cute in their outfits!

With the season's positive vibes, I would really like to thank you all for your readership.  To know that people are still reading and commenting my posts REALLY means a lot to me!  I've been juggling multiple priorities and unexpected domestic duties (living off campus calls for much experimentation in the kitchen!) so it's been really hard for me to update my blog.  But please know that I'm ALWAYS keeping Rags to Reverie in consideration, whether I am throwing together an outfit or passing by a shopping center. There are so many things I'm excited to share, so I hope you'll continue visiting my blog for the rest of 2010 as well as 2011!  Unexpectedly, I've been updating my Tumblr a lot so head over there if you need an eye candy or music fix, but be warned of my lolcat speech and unabashed tendencies to fangirl!

I also hope that John and Yoko's Happy Xmas (War Is Over!) video in the right column didn't bring you down too much, though it does make a point that war only causes more pain and conflict.  To lift your spirits up (hopefully at least a bit!), here's an updated rendition of the Saturday Night Live holiday original, I Wish It Was Christmas Today, as performed by Julian Casablancas, The Roots, and SNL alums Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon.  I've never found SNL amusing but this is probably one of my favorite songs to listen to in December!  Enjoy!

Illustration made by me with images from

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grace-ing Glossies

Meet Grace Gao (高国芝), hailing from China's Jiang Su province*.  Grace may remind you of Sun Fei Fei but those piercing eyes make her unique amongst fellow Chinese models.  Grace is relatively new to the industry, just starting as a model last year*, but she's already making it big, appearing in every issue of Numéro China thus far and just recently signing with Viva Paris*.  Can't say she's at the same level of Modeldom as Du Juan or Liu Wen, but Grace is bound to get there someday!  Let's hope she walks the Fall 2011 runways!

Looking mysterious in monochrome for Mei Yuan Gui's "Less is More" editorial featured in Numéro China #1.

Trying to hide from the spotlight in the Beauty section of Numéro China #2, shot by Tiziano Magni.

I just LOVE this editorial.  Those textures and the colors of the braids, dimly lit like that...IT'S JUST PERFECT.  From "Snow White", shot by Mei Yuan Gui for Numéro China #3.

This editorial, entitled "Heiress", totally reminds me of that amazing, artsy editorial from the June 2008 issue of Vogue China, which I actually bought. Shot by Mei Yuan Gui for Numéro China #2.

Yes, she smokes.  SAD FACE.

*Facts are according to tFS forum posts.
Images: tentalicious and Faith Akiyama of tFS