Friday, October 22, 2010

Trying On Clothes I'll Never Have (Again)

A few weeks back I stopped by a certain discount department store for the first time.  My roomie's entire closet practically came from there and since I've always wanted to check out this store, I agreed to take us there (I have a car now, by the way -- I KNOW IT'S, A MIRACLE).  Of course, whenever I'm at a place overflowing with designer goods, I scour the racks just to find stuff to try on.  So with a mere $20 bill in my wallet, I go through all that Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, Dolce and Gabbana, Celine, and Fendi in my sights.  The discounts predictably didn't meet the standards for someone who doesn't like to spend more than $25 on jeans.  But that doesn't mean I can't try the stuff on!  Side note, did you know that some stores actually charge an admission price?  You can't even go inside the store without paying a fee.  Ridiculous.  I'm wearing a Jil Sander blazer (with matching pants that you can't see) in that photo up there.  Obviously the blazer wasn't the right fit for me but I thought it would go well with my Beatles shirt.  Because John Lennon wore a white suit for the Abbey Road album cover.  Clever, right?!

These pretty pearls were from a Dries Van Noten bolero, which was totally not a size 4.  Or was it a 34?  Either way, that photo of me in Dries will never see the day of light.  I tried on more than what you see here but most of that looked too embarrassingly frumpy on me.  So this is all you'll see for now (until the next "shopping trip")!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stella Loves Aussies

Wait, Fashion Week ENDED?  Kidding -- I knew that already.  I don't think I've even looked at most of the NYFW collections yet but I've entered to that time of the year (slash school term) when I realize that my "intense" studying, AKA hours of daydreaming, does little good for my social life me.  Anyway, did you know that Stella McCartney has designed a second collection for Target Australia?  Yet American Target hasn't managed to get a hold of just ONE collaboration with her.  Big downside to this collection: the prices are still quite high, definitely not within American Target's price range.  BUT STILL!  You can get Stella McCartney pieces for less than $200!  Don't mind the "for Target" label printed on the tag! The following pieces will be sold in select Target stores in Australia starting October 29.

Hey look, it's another Stella.  That would be supermodel Stella Tennant wearing these looks. Sorry, Stella, but I'm going to have to crop your head out for the next few looks (darn Australian Target doesn't have proper full body images).

You know me...I love all things lace!  And Stella does a stellar job (get it?) with lace.

I love this outfit!  Looks better on the left.

The accessories.  Mehhhh...

So what have I learned from all this?  My family should've settled in Australia instead of America.

Image source: Target Australia