Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Fashion's DAY Out

Hooray, outfit!  Glasses, Coach. Jacket, Macy's $1 sample. Shirt, Two Rabbits screenprints on American Apparel. Belt, Vintage Guess. Jeans, American Apparel. Shoes, Doc Martens. Bag, Levi's.

Just when you thought all the talk about Fashion's Night Out was over, I decide to write this post!  As mentioned before, I planned on going to Fashion's Night Out in San Francisco and...I went!  I didn't buy anything.  But I was there!  There was very little commotion and unluckily for me, stores closed right at 8:30 PM.  No Saks DJ set?  Fine.  My friends, who were more intent on purchasing items that night, popped into stores with lower-priced clothing.  Gap, H&M, Forever 21 *shudders*, and finally, Macy's.  We stayed in Macy's until it closing (past 9:30PM).  I was DEAD tired and everything below my hip was sore the next morning.  Still, Fashion's Night Out was a good way to explore all the shops at Union Square.  I sort of had to contain myself as my friends and I zipped past all the shiny window displays.

Modeling/styling/designing competition?

Gerhard Richter's 256 Colors (1974).  My sleeve is extremely distracting.

September 10 was a LONG day for me so I'll backtrack a little more.  My friend/hostess and I explored all four floors of the San Francisco Museum of Art, which might be my new favorite California art museum.  Yes, the admission price is outrageous compared to that of LACMA's but there's no ban on photography!  So I made the most of my $18 (forgot my student ID at home) and took pictures of pretty much every work that tickled my fancy.

Smiling in front of another Gerhard Richter work.  I'd like him to paint my room.

Last rewind -- my first stop of the day was UC Berkeley to visit my cousins.  Such an eclectic student population!  And pretty much everything you'll ever need in life is within walking distance from campus, including food (restaurants on every block), clothing (American Apparel, Urban Outfitters), and music (Amoeba, Rasputin).  Speaking of music, the UC Berkeley area is an AMAZING place to visit for all music lovers.  Vinyl records, CDs and DVDs are aplenty but there's also this place on the bottom floor of Bear Basics (independent college merch store...cheaper than the Cal bookstore) called T-Shirt Orgy!  You can buy official T-shirts from every band/artist you could legitimately call "amazing".  Here's the dealbreaker: T-shirt Orgy only stocks men's sizes.  NOT FAIR.  But in retrospect, I really should've just spent $20 on that men's large Plastic Ono Band shirt.

By the way, follow my Fashion Weekers Twitter list to get the scoop on London Fashion Week!  I'm constantly adding Twit folk to my list, as well as trimming the fat off (goodbye, fake model tweets).

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Shoes Turned Old

Starting point: Los Angeles International Airport

I've been breaking in my relatively new Doc Martens quite nicely during my holiday (in which I rarely have time to sit down).  Take a look at my shoes' Bay Area journey in short montage form and see how they've transformed to (slightly) more wearable shoes.

At UC Berkeley. My shoes feel hip enough to walk the campus but not quite smart enough.

On the BART

At the Exploratorium

And at the end of each day, I realize that those Doc Martens comfort insoles really are necessary. P.S. My birthday's next week.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alive in SF!

Sorry sorry sorry, I know I said I would be updating the blog but I've been so busy dashing from Oakland to Berkeley to San Francisco then back to Oakland!  Oh, the places you go with quality public transportation and enough change.  My verdict on the Bay Area so far: it's amazing!  You know what might be even more amazing than the Bay Area?  The fact that I haven't been keeping up with New York Fashion Week at all.  But you totally can, with the help of my Fashion Weekers Twitter list!  Follow and check up on the list to get multiple insiders' perspectives of what's been showing on the runway.

I won't get into details about my trip just yet, mainly because it's late and I haven't gotten much sleep in the past few days, but I PROMISE I'll return with stories to tell!

Why yes, that's my face up there!  Apparently I wore my glasses too long.  I'm in front of a Cy Twombly piece at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Plan Your Fashion's Night Out NOW!

I can't believe I've put off talking about Fashion's Night Out until NOW because the epic event is just days away!  It's kind of amazing how this fashion phenomenon has expanded to 16 countries and more than 100 cities in America.  Sounds like a big deal.  Even Los Angeles has set up an official Fashion's Night Out page on the city website, and just from looking at that list of participating LA stores, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  It's all good fun but simplicity is enough for me!  Coincidentally, I'll be at San Francisco's smaller Fashion's Night Out, which should still be quite the affair despite not reaching the proportions of LA's or NYC's events.

It's kind of funny yet devilishly clever that most stores aren't hosting sales during Fashion's Night Out.  Rather, it's a way of getting people to see shopping as a fun activity, not an inconvenient one.  At your nearest Fashion's Night Out, probably in some kind of urban environment, you'll find freebies galore and enough celebs to make you feel faint.  Of all the events taking place in New York City, I would most want to attend Karen Elson's gig at the Balenciaga store.  Here you'll be able to buy her latest LP and if you're as fearless as I am, you'd go up to her and ask her to autograph that newly bought album!  Cindy Sherman's Untitled (Balenciaga) exhibit, which features her multiple Balenciaga-donning personas, will also be making its U.S. debut at the store.  Seriously, this is the best event in NYC -- fashion, music, and art lovers will all get a treat!  But I'm on the wrong coast.

Also, if you're at the Big Apple for Fashion Week, Mintbox has some exclusive offers for you.  Sip on cocktails, model for a professional photographer, and enjoy a 30% discount at Vivienne Tam.  Then trot over to a Paige Denim store for a free gift with every purchase and a 20% discount (works in LA and Las Vegas stores, too)!  All you have to do is RSVP to these events here.

It's easy to be jealous of you East Coasters but California will be poppin' on the 10th.  As if LA isn't congested enough on Friday nights!  However, the Beverly Center is offering FREE parking!  Or you can bus to shop-filled neighborhoods at no cost!  Take my word--free parking is a BIG deal!  This is the city that banks on home-grown traffic but on Friday, you have an incentive to get out and have fun!  Had I decided to stay in SoCal all summer and venture to shop on this Friday, I'd definitely stop by Chanel for a free manicure.  I go stupid for trendy nail colors.  And since this is LA, food trucks will line up all over the city for you fashion AND food lovers.  Lastly, you'll find a ferris wheel on Rodeo Drive.  Yes, that Rodeo Drive.  Just show a proof of purchase to get a lovely view of the evening mayhem.

Back to reality -- I'm going to be in SF this FNO and I know I'll be heading to Saks Fifth Avenue to have an artist transform me into a fashion sketch!  Hopefully I won't need to purchase anything.  By the way, if you live in or have toured the San Francisco area, are there any spots you'd recommend for me to visit?  I haven't been in NorCal probably since middle school so I'm super excited to walk San Francisco without a tour guide giving me a 5 AM wake-up call and pushing me out of the hotel to enjoy the city before going back into the bus a couple of hours later (this is seriously what happens).  I'll have internet access while I'm on holiday so I'll be sure to blog about my Bay Area exploits!

And for those who feel like they can't get in on the Fashion's Night Out fun in their area, fear not!  On Thursday, September 9, LuisaViaRoma will host a Fun Fast Flash sale, slashing See by Chloé prices by 50%!   Threadless is also having a $9 tee sale going on right now!  Hurry hurry!

Images:, Hint Mag, Los Angeles Times website, earthtoandrea via Flickr

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Audrey Magazine

The good folks at Audrey Magazine kindly sent me their Fall 2010 issue featuring my photo submission!  And to my surprise, the picture is the sole image on the issue's last page.  *Blush*  But that's not why you should pick up this magazine.  Here's my story about how I found Audrey...

Whenever I'm home, I drop by the library to pick up a DVD and sometimes a book to flip through.  I always pass by the magazine racks to see if there's an issue that's even mildly intriguing.  Of all the covers I saw, the one that caught my attention featured a model probably no taller than 5'3".  But that's not all...she was Asian!  You'll almost NEVER find an American magazine featuring an Asian on the cover!  I pick up this glossy, which turned out to be Audrey Magazine.

Since then I've scoured the library's magazine racks at least once a month for a chance to peruse the pages of the latest Audrey.  I've even had to ask for it by name since my library constantly buries Audrey issues under Art in America and other glossies that start with "A".  People of all ethnicities can enjoy this Asian American lifestyle magazine, as you'll find plenty of fashion in these pages. But what sets this magazine apart from the rest is that almost every face you'll see in Audrey is an Asian American one.  Lots of Asian models and plenty of up-and-coming Asian/American designers and artists.

This magazine is SERIOUSLY what I needed because as you may not know, I'm quite frustrated by the media's unwillingness to put a people of color in the spotlight.  Ethnic Studies Lucy can go on and on about what makes Audrey awesome.  The only thing that Audrey could do to make me love them anymore is to feature more diverse models and actors, not just those who have Anglo facial features or European/South American blood. But I know that the lack of diversity is mostly a problem of the fashion and entertainment industries' and Audrey is doing an exceptional job of showcasing Asian American figures.