Friday, April 30, 2010

Take Me With You

A few months ago I posted a sad sad note, saying that I was overwhelmed and I had to take a hiatus from the blog.  If only Lucy-of-the-past can see me now...  In case you don't follow me on Twitter, some of my recent tweets included:
I'M DROWNING. T___T Will I make it??

ready to jump off a cliff

SPEAKING OF JUMPING OFF CLIFFS, I recently skimmed through the Spring 2010 issue of Vs. Magazine and just looking at Simon Procter's editorial titled 'The Fall' (also exhibited at Galerie Taiss at Art Paris) was an exhilarating experience!  Okay maybe I'm exaggerating but I think I've been craving that liberating feeling.  Sitting in class, thinking of what I could do to sort out my life...then suddenly I'd picture myself sky diving.  No joke!

Procter was probably inspired by Renaissance artwork for this off-beat editorial but I was actually a bit reminded of the detailed Romanesque sculptures I've been studying for art history (thank goodness that midterm is over).  It's kind of refreshing to find fashion photography doesn't focus too much on clothes.  Paradoxical, maybe. Different, definitely.

Scenes from the editorial were also filmed for a Vs. Magazine video, which you can watch here.  Haven't seen it but it appears to be just as magical as its print counterpart!


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Only Thing Missing is Me in the Audience

It's an event that will make us API bloggers beam with pride!  Did you know that May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month?  To celebrate, Columbia University and Hoot Magazine are hosting a huge panel discussion featuring some of the most renowned Asian American figures in fashion.  I've actually fantasized over an API in Fashion joke.  In my dreams were Phillip Lim, Vera Wang and Anna Sui as guest speakers.  Okay 1/3 of this dream team is good enough and anyway, other confirmed speakers include stylist Aya Kanai, blogger Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirates, and Elle Creative Director Joe Zee (just confirmed!!).

But what's wrong with this picture?  The absence of ME in the New York area, where this awesome line-up will be speaking.  While I sulk in this San Diegan pit I call "my apartment", check out the details about the event here.  You don't have to be Asian American to attend the discussion, tickets are only $5 (buy them here), and a portion of proceeds will be donated to Tibetan Village Project to aid in relief for those devastated in the Yushu earthquake in China.  Speaking of which, I'm not that surprised that the media haven't publicized the disaster too much.

I'm really really hoping that the panelists won't just discuss their experiences within the fashion industry but their experiences as ASIAN AMERICANS in fashion (if you're an API individual, your parents were probably not too keen on any of your art-related hobbies...yet they made you take piano lessons for ten years)(this didn't happen to me by the way...piano lessons are expensive).  Someone please tape the discussions and upload it on Youtube or something.  I will love you for ev er.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Everyday is Earth Day but this Month is Special

Happy Earth Day!  Well, it was Earth Day a few hours ago before I decided to take a nap.  Remember the post in which I mentioned Figs & Ginger?  No?  They're one of my favorite independent jewelry brands (love their pieces and their green values) and I only found out about them just last summer.  They were one of the vendors at Renegade Craft Fair in LA but I only approached the booth to ask about prices.  I subsequently walked away awkwardly, wishing I had more than a measly $20 bill with me.  This month, Figs & Ginger is giving away some of their too cute necklaces (made of at least 50% recycled silver)!  All you have to do is take a picture of yourself planting a tree (you really have to plant cheating), upload it to their website, and YOU GET A FREE CIRCLE LOVE BUNNY NECKLACE.  No RSVPs or 3:45 AM alarms involved...everyone wins!

Watch the video for fun instructions on how to what to do to get your own necklace.  See all the rules here.  This giveaway would've made up for my sad theOutnet experience if I didn't live on my school's campus where I'm only allowed to grow potted plants.  But it's just as nice to share a good thing...  Remember that everyday should be Earth Day!

The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Give Me Liberty Or..........Else

Nevermind my failed attempt to wake up for theOutnet $1 sale (went to bed an hour before it started at 3:45 AM PDT, didn't wake up to my very short Bugs Bunny email alert, and woke up twice in the morning to check my inbox but ignored the folder that theOutnet email filtered into.......).  Let's move on to more attainable stuff...

During my last trip to Target, I looked all around for Liberty of London merchandise.  Of course these observation posts are never complete without blurry cellphone shots.  As you can see in the above image, just a few styles of sundresses and swimwear were available.

Some dinnerware and home accessories were in stock but they're dissipating.

The items to note were the SUPER CUTE silk ties, which my photos did NO JUSTICE to.  Some ties (100% silk, by the way) shone lustrous gold or silver. There were quite a few in stock but not enough to keep me comfortable without having one yet.  I wanted to buy one for my brother but he found the patterns too effeminate..don't guys wear florals, too?  Hello, Obedient Sons & Daughters?????  They haven't been gone for that long!

I kind of got crazy with the ties and brought five different styles over to my mom, who found them a bit strange.  Yes, I could buy one for myself...but am I really going to drop $18 on a men's accessory that I don't know how to wear?  I mean...I can wear it as a normal necktie but I don't know how to style an outfit with one and I've never been in an Avril Lavigne phase.  Any suggestions?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Half Asleep

Forgive me...I haven't used a tablet in years.  I'm still getting used to my NEW PEN TABLET.

The Americans who are still awake have to admit it...we're all staying up for that email, the equivalent of the Holy Grail, or a map to the Holy Grail (k I'll stop referencing stuff I don't know much about).  Today is web outlet's first anniversary and to celebrate, they're pretty much giving out designer pieces for just a dollar/quid each.  My cousin thinks it's an April Fool's joke, but that would've been far more appropriate a couple of weeks ago.

Here are some exciting retweets from theOutnet's Twitter (the sale is already open for some parts of the world!):
childrensjewell @outnet Got a Miu Miu Dress in the sale, thank you so much THE most exciting thing ever!!!

bargainistafash Got a £1,365 Giles dress in's 1st birthday sale... for £1! Hope it fits, had to go down a dress size in the buying frenzy. Eek

sophosthegreat This will mean nothing to most of you, but I just got an Erdem dress for £1 in theoutnet's sale. Amazing!
I'm really happy for those who managed to get through to the servers (obviously they're going to crash) and get a hold of something!  Can't help but envy those lucky ducks.  Anyway, I'm EXHAUSTED....haven't slept too much in the past few days!  But I will survive.......yeah yeah.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Point-and-Shooting Paris

This little piggy went to Paris

Two years ago today, I was across the pond, either in Great Britain or France.  I CAN'T believe it's been just two years because I grow so nostalgic while looking through my photos.  Sure, I barely got any sleep, got SUPER DUPER homesick, and my tour guide hated me (I'm positive) but I'm glad I went on that obscenely expensive school trip.  While a lot of my schoolmates took pictures of themselves and their friends in front of the landmarks, I decided not to hide my weirdness and mostly photographed random findings.  Speaking of being a weirdo, when a friend of mine got internet in Paris, I told my classmates that I added a model (Coco Rocha) on Facebook, and they all went guy said that he imagined a lonely creeper posing as her.  Ohhhhh how he was so wrong.  Anyway, I took 4-megapixel and 5-megapixel point-and-shoots to Europe (one camera recorded audio and a back-up camera is a must, y'know) and though the quality of the pictures isn't impressive, I'm surprised that I captured so many photos that I actually kind of like.  Since then, one camera broke but these photos makes me more eager to invest in a DSLR and rediscover my enthusiasm for photography.  I've uploaded only a few pictures from Paris so I'm afraid I can't show you everything from the fashion capital.  Absolutely none of my photos illustrate that fashion side of the city, not that it's a bad thing.  Paris is such a visually exciting location and it seems like everything there was strategically created to enhance the the city as a whole.


Hole in the Tower


The Year I went to Paris

X Marks the Spot

Thursday, April 1, 2010

He Knows That They're The Fool

Kudos if you know where I got this post's title from!  Yes, I'm commemorating April Fool's Day but that title is also a line from a The Beatles!  Written by Paul McCartney, to be more exact.  And we all know of his child, fashion prodigy Stella McCartney.  Until I read the Nicole Phelps' review of Stella's Fall 2010 collection, I never realized how fashion and The Beatles could coincide in a most obvious way.
Stella McCartney's show began with a fake recording of Tiger Woods' alleged call to his mistress, the one in which he asks her to remove her name from her voicemail because his wife has found her number on his phone. Things ended, as usual, with a Beatles song; this season it was "Mother Nature's Son."
In predictable Beatle fanatic fashion, I watched as many videos as I could find that featured Stella McCartney's previous collections, checking when she started using her dad's songs to end her shows.  (Note: If you're easily bored by my mentioning of The Beatles, please scroll down and find something else to read...I advise you not to click my Tumblr link.)

It all started in Spring 2008...with the ever-so-loved 'Blackbird'.  Paul is known as a great family man who adores his children, giving them plenty of attention despite having a kind of fame that could otherwise distract.  I mean, he watches Stella's show every single season!  He also dropped by a small concert that his son held not too long ago but you can read about that somewhere else.  'Blackbird' is an interesting song to play at a fashion show...Paul wrote it after reading about the racial tensions present in America so the song is a poignant message of encouragement for those who were oppressed.  You could go further into that when the song is in the context of Stella's fashion show; she finally got her wings, she wants to portray women as free and confident, she has been waiting for this moment to arrive blaaaackbird fly~.  But I'd like to think of Stella's use of the song as a way of acknowledging and appreciating her father's role in her life.

Stella is SO FUNNY.  Anyway, from what I remember, Paul doesn't make a cameo in the Fall 2008 video so I'm not sure if he was actually there (I know, I JUST mentioned that he attended all her shows...).  Stella chooses the most covered song in history, 'Yesterday', as her show's ending tune.  Not sure why.  So far, it seems like she's a fan of her dad's ballads (as is everyone, pretty much).

The Spring 2009 collection is my favorite from Stella.  The palette of light pinks and nudes stood as inspiration for my blog's color scheme!  This time, Stella chose to end the show with a beautiful song by Wings, the band that Paul brought up after (not because) The Beatles had disbanded.  'Maybe I'm Amazed' was written for his wife and Stella's mother, the late Linda McCartney, and is one of Paul's most well known and well loved songs.  It makes sense that Stella would eventually choose to play this song; it could serve as a reminder of her mother's spirit and perhaps even to mark the designer's sheer happiness with her family and life in general.

Suggestive comments from both Paul (wondered where those boots ended) and Pink (about her "inner slut").  'The Long and Winding Road', another McCartney ballad, was selected as Fall 2009's ending song.  A bit too sad for this show's atmosphere, in my opinion.

Back to happy and positive things! "YES" indeed!  Funny that Stella (doesn't she look so good in the video??) commissioned artist Trey Speegle to create a huge paint-by-numbers canvas with the word "YES" in big letters.  Yoko Ono actually had an art piece that involved the same word, but conveyed more of a feeling of relief... Might I add that Mr. Speegle has super affordable prints available on 20x200?  Anyway, 'She's Leaving Home' is the song of the Spring 2010 season, an interesting choice for such a cheerful show.  Also, the mono mix of this tune (played at the show) sounds infinitely better than the stereo mix.

And of course most recently, we heard the beautiful 'Mother Nature's Son' as the Fall 2010 show came to a close.  Women in control...such a trendy, yet empowering aspect in fashion right now!  Stella was on the trend before everyone else, though.  Her mother was an inspiration for the designer's spring pieces as well as this collection. But of course, Stella's well established skill of, as Paul would put it, making women "look good" in remarkably wearable clothes confirms that she is designing for herself and the consumer, not the industry.

I would end with a picture of me wearing an oversized (slash just plain too big) Stella McCartney blazer in the Nordstrom dressing room, but I'll save myself the embarrassment.

Image source: (That's Sir Peter Blake on the way right! He designed the cover of Sgt. Pepper's!)