Sunday, September 5, 2010

Audrey Magazine

The good folks at Audrey Magazine kindly sent me their Fall 2010 issue featuring my photo submission!  And to my surprise, the picture is the sole image on the issue's last page.  *Blush*  But that's not why you should pick up this magazine.  Here's my story about how I found Audrey...

Whenever I'm home, I drop by the library to pick up a DVD and sometimes a book to flip through.  I always pass by the magazine racks to see if there's an issue that's even mildly intriguing.  Of all the covers I saw, the one that caught my attention featured a model probably no taller than 5'3".  But that's not all...she was Asian!  You'll almost NEVER find an American magazine featuring an Asian on the cover!  I pick up this glossy, which turned out to be Audrey Magazine.

Since then I've scoured the library's magazine racks at least once a month for a chance to peruse the pages of the latest Audrey.  I've even had to ask for it by name since my library constantly buries Audrey issues under Art in America and other glossies that start with "A".  People of all ethnicities can enjoy this Asian American lifestyle magazine, as you'll find plenty of fashion in these pages. But what sets this magazine apart from the rest is that almost every face you'll see in Audrey is an Asian American one.  Lots of Asian models and plenty of up-and-coming Asian/American designers and artists.

This magazine is SERIOUSLY what I needed because as you may not know, I'm quite frustrated by the media's unwillingness to put a people of color in the spotlight.  Ethnic Studies Lucy can go on and on about what makes Audrey awesome.  The only thing that Audrey could do to make me love them anymore is to feature more diverse models and actors, not just those who have Anglo facial features or European/South American blood. But I know that the lack of diversity is mostly a problem of the fashion and entertainment industries' and Audrey is doing an exceptional job of showcasing Asian American figures.


✿ e m i r i said...

how awesome! i didn't even know about this magazine until now. i want to get my hands on one of them. :]

Front Row Mode said...

Have got to check this mag out


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