Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sarah Mower - Fashion Writer and...Illustrator?

That name rings a bell, doesn't it?  You know -- Sarah Mower, the one who writes all those reviews on style.com.  But did you know that she's quite the artist, too??  I too often notice the similarities between different magazines and while I was flipping through the glossies that my aunt brought back from her trip to China and Hong Kong, I found some illustrations in Vogue China that looked a LOT like those in Vogue Nippon.  At first I looked at the photo credits near the gutters of the respective magazines but couldn't find the name of the illustrator.  I glanced towards the byline of Vogue Nippon and there it was in plain English: "Text & Illustrations: Sarah Mower".

Who knew that anyone who worked for the duller than dull American Vogue -- other than Grace Coddington -- was capable of creating such visual whimsy?  Look at the illustrations and sidenotes that accompanied Mower's "Sci-Fi Fantasy" article for Vogue China June 2010:

Seeing her illustrations really makes me want to pull out that pen tablet I purchased a few months back.  Must I keep reminding myself that I have one?  The following are for Mower's Vogue Nippon June 2010 article on dressing up for special occasions:

Images: My own captures of the aforementioned magazines


Jenny said...

I didn't know either

Fiamma said...

love her work!!! she's so talented :)



Lilly Rose said...

I am enchanted by fashion illustrations - thank you for posting those!!

Lilly =)