Friday, August 6, 2010


Dress, Gap.  Shoes, Dr. Martens.  Book, Miss O'Dell by Chris O'Dell.

After about two or three years of wearing water damaged sneakers (damn those two weeks of heavy rain) with holes in the soles, I FINALLY got new shoes!  Well, almost new...these shoes were pre-owned but never worn.  Hooray for being cheap.  I'm now the proud owner of a pair of Doc Martens, which are currently filling my bedroom with a nauseating new car smell.  To wear a pair of Docs, I think, is to carry the weight of the concert-goer stereotype with you (in addition to that heavy leather).  Goodness forbid I start wearing my shoes with ripped jean shorts and floaty boho tops.  As much as I love the McCartneys and their veg ways, I mentioned before that leather is a guilty pleasure of mine.  NEVER on the seats of a car (who would want to sit on scorching hot leather??) but on shoes, skirts, shirts, etc.  I think the appeal lies within its sheen because I don't mind pleather at all.

Just a day after I received my Docs in the mail, I was a bit dumbfounded when my blogroll revealed an anticipated pair of Dolce Vita for Target boots.  ...I liked them a lot.  Had I remembered that Dolce Vita collaborated with Target to create an impressively refined collection of shoes, I probably would've considered buying a pair of their boots rather than the Docs I got.  But at a retail price of $29.99, there's no doubt that the Dolce Vita boots' material is absolute crap.  Not that I mind (much).  So I guess in many respects I made a much better purchase with my Made in England Docs (cheaper than the Target boots, too).  With an almost inevitable concert-goer look that comes with wearing these shoes, I'll need to get really creative with my outfits.  It's a task I find difficult especially during this season of shorts and flip flops.  A lazy Californian, I am!

Images: Meeeee, Target


✿ e m i r i said...

oooh! looks nice! :D

Jenny said...

The docs were a much better choice, I'a couple of years and people still comment that they look brand new. Have fun with them.