Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blue, Green or Both?

Can you believe that the nail color you see in both those photos above are supposed to be the same??  It's the sold out Chanel Nouvelle Vague, a supposedly aqua color.  But I swear that you won't find two swatches of this color that look the same (at least in magazines)!  I thought I dropped $23 on a light baby blue lacquer but it turned out to be way more green than I thought, at least under room light.  Once I'm outside under the sun, my nails look robin egg blue!  That used to be my favorite crayon color, by the way.

So what prompted me to buy this overpriced polish?  Hasn't the jade green fad passed?  Actually, I didn't intend to buy another green nail polish.  I wanted that light blue color on Shu Pei's nails for an editorial titled "Lollipop Girls" in Vogue China June 2010.  My Chinese is a tad rusty but I've confirmed with my Chinese native cousin that according to the make-up details for this photo, the color is Chanel #475, described as a "lake blue".  A quick Google search reveals that Chanel #475 is actually a blood red color called "Dragon" -- a similar match for the lips but not the nails!  The closest thing I came up with after some additional searches was Chanel #527 Nouvelle Vague.  I immediately ordered my bottle from the Chanel online shop, but I still wondered if Nouvelle Vague was just Jade with a different name slapped on.

I received my order and felt some regret, especially when I compared the Chanel bottle (13 fl. oz) to a bottle of Essie Mint Candy Apple (15 fl. oz). Chanel is so good at milking its makeup fans of money.  I've become accustomed Essie's matte finish so once I tried Nouvelle Vague on my nails, I was impressed by the smooth finish and the slight shimmer.  The color is hard to pinpoint, though.  Sometimes it's obviously green, sometimes it's obviously blue and other times it's ambiguously in the middle!  But I think I can conclude that it's a slightly metallic swimming pool blue color.  Mostly green on a cloudy day but greenish blue on a sunny day.

All in all, I don't think I regret this purchase.......but recall that I was trying to find Shu Pei's powder blue nail color!  That mystery has yet to be solved...

Images: My own webcam pics with color background from, my own capture of my Vogue Nippon June 2010 issue, Asian Models Blog, and ME again

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✿ e m i r i said...

lol. i like how you describe the color.

"metallic swimming pool blue"♥