Friday, May 28, 2010

Borderline Beatle

Beatle boots: beautiful works of androgyny.  Back in the '60s, what kind of man would ever wear (Cuban) heels?  A Beatle, of course.  When JPG&R popularized these modified Chelsea boots, both guys and girls hit the stores to get some pairs of their own and ultimately, to feel a bit like a Beatle. My search for the perfect Chelsea boot never ceased, but here comes Alexander Wang who complicates my idea of perfection with this strange configuration pictured above (and the bottom right).

How lucky of Anouk Lepere to have her first name precede "Beatle" in the name of these shoes -- Anouk Beatle boots.  The leather appears really worn...a contrast to The Beatles' polished duds.  The Wang girl isn't exactly, polished, the material is very appropriate for the rough and tumble party hopping gal.  But it's the cutout heel that confuses AND has a hold of me at the same.  It's so cool and unusual...I WANT IT but it isn't really characteristic of an "authentic" Beatle boot, is it?  Yes, a small part of me will always want to look like a (pre-1967) least for special occasions.

Images: Farfetch, Tumblr, Lynn Goldsmith


Orphin Lasz said...

Woah! Those boots are soooooo cool! I always loved them from The Beatles!! ; w ;

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Eleanor said...

haha so cool! love the beatles! the boots are amazing! :)
also, just sw a glimpse there of your last post - is rihanna wearing a record dress?!?! i know what im gonna spend my day doing now - reading you entire blog - haha!! xxxxx

PeiPei said...

wow! great photos in your blog! =)

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