Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Point-and-Shooting Paris

This little piggy went to Paris

Two years ago today, I was across the pond, either in Great Britain or France.  I CAN'T believe it's been just two years because I grow so nostalgic while looking through my photos.  Sure, I barely got any sleep, got SUPER DUPER homesick, and my tour guide hated me (I'm positive) but I'm glad I went on that obscenely expensive school trip.  While a lot of my schoolmates took pictures of themselves and their friends in front of the landmarks, I decided not to hide my weirdness and mostly photographed random findings.  Speaking of being a weirdo, when a friend of mine got internet in Paris, I told my classmates that I added a model (Coco Rocha) on Facebook, and they all went guy said that he imagined a lonely creeper posing as her.  Ohhhhh how he was so wrong.  Anyway, I took 4-megapixel and 5-megapixel point-and-shoots to Europe (one camera recorded audio and a back-up camera is a must, y'know) and though the quality of the pictures isn't impressive, I'm surprised that I captured so many photos that I actually kind of like.  Since then, one camera broke but these photos makes me more eager to invest in a DSLR and rediscover my enthusiasm for photography.  I've uploaded only a few pictures from Paris so I'm afraid I can't show you everything from the fashion capital.  Absolutely none of my photos illustrate that fashion side of the city, not that it's a bad thing.  Paris is such a visually exciting location and it seems like everything there was strategically created to enhance the the city as a whole.


Hole in the Tower


The Year I went to Paris

X Marks the Spot

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✿ e m i r i said...

I had to go get my glasses for the second picture to make sure my eyes were okay. lol.

it'd be nice if we could all travel together someday...