Friday, April 23, 2010

The Only Thing Missing is Me in the Audience

It's an event that will make us API bloggers beam with pride!  Did you know that May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month?  To celebrate, Columbia University and Hoot Magazine are hosting a huge panel discussion featuring some of the most renowned Asian American figures in fashion.  I've actually fantasized over an API in Fashion joke.  In my dreams were Phillip Lim, Vera Wang and Anna Sui as guest speakers.  Okay 1/3 of this dream team is good enough and anyway, other confirmed speakers include stylist Aya Kanai, blogger Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirates, and Elle Creative Director Joe Zee (just confirmed!!).

But what's wrong with this picture?  The absence of ME in the New York area, where this awesome line-up will be speaking.  While I sulk in this San Diegan pit I call "my apartment", check out the details about the event here.  You don't have to be Asian American to attend the discussion, tickets are only $5 (buy them here), and a portion of proceeds will be donated to Tibetan Village Project to aid in relief for those devastated in the Yushu earthquake in China.  Speaking of which, I'm not that surprised that the media haven't publicized the disaster too much.

I'm really really hoping that the panelists won't just discuss their experiences within the fashion industry but their experiences as ASIAN AMERICANS in fashion (if you're an API individual, your parents were probably not too keen on any of your art-related hobbies...yet they made you take piano lessons for ten years)(this didn't happen to me by the way...piano lessons are expensive).  Someone please tape the discussions and upload it on Youtube or something.  I will love you for ev er.

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Noel said...

Actually, Anna Sui was going to come, but she's out of the country ;).