Saturday, April 17, 2010

Give Me Liberty Or..........Else

Nevermind my failed attempt to wake up for theOutnet $1 sale (went to bed an hour before it started at 3:45 AM PDT, didn't wake up to my very short Bugs Bunny email alert, and woke up twice in the morning to check my inbox but ignored the folder that theOutnet email filtered into.......).  Let's move on to more attainable stuff...

During my last trip to Target, I looked all around for Liberty of London merchandise.  Of course these observation posts are never complete without blurry cellphone shots.  As you can see in the above image, just a few styles of sundresses and swimwear were available.

Some dinnerware and home accessories were in stock but they're dissipating.

The items to note were the SUPER CUTE silk ties, which my photos did NO JUSTICE to.  Some ties (100% silk, by the way) shone lustrous gold or silver. There were quite a few in stock but not enough to keep me comfortable without having one yet.  I wanted to buy one for my brother but he found the patterns too effeminate..don't guys wear florals, too?  Hello, Obedient Sons & Daughters?????  They haven't been gone for that long!

I kind of got crazy with the ties and brought five different styles over to my mom, who found them a bit strange.  Yes, I could buy one for myself...but am I really going to drop $18 on a men's accessory that I don't know how to wear?  I mean...I can wear it as a normal necktie but I don't know how to style an outfit with one and I've never been in an Avril Lavigne phase.  Any suggestions?


Love Of Fashion said...

wow! looks pretty i'll have to check it out! love your blog!!

✿ e m i r i said...

ooo. i like the first pattern on the left with the flowers, even though i have never worn a neck tie before.

i can't think of any guys around me who would be willing to wear those patterns ):