Saturday, February 13, 2010

NYFW SS2010 - Give Me A Hint!

I promised myself that I would get this done before Saturday...and I did!  Sort of.  It's 12:30AM right now.  This is the last post before hell week begins.  Another one might follow after BUT ANYWAY.  Another season, another round of predictions!  With The Cut's seasonal One Word Inspiration post, I've made some educated guesses of what New York Fashion Week shall bring us for Fall 2010.

Excluding that awesome machine washable blazer, Phillip Lim's last collection wasn't the most innovative.  I just had to feature his label in my predictions again, as his Spring 2007 collection is partly why I started getting into fashion in the first place.  With cut as his inspiration word, my best guess is that Phillip slashed his fall collection with peek-a-boo slits.  Also, I don't think the designer is done experimenting with unusual fabrics so there's a chance that Phillip's collage inspiration for spring will find its way into the fall collection.

Thakoon's inspiration simply brings light nudes to mind, but there was plenty of that in his spring collection.  The clothes included the perfect mix of hues, so maybe the designer is further exploring color combinations.  Softcore suggests that the colors will be mild, but that doesn't mean they're not capable of stunning onlookers.

I'm only including Erin Fetherston in my predictions because poetess is 1. so typical for Erin  2. can be replaced by a clever made-up word like poette.  So much cuter than poetess, right??  Also, I kind of liked Erin's spring collection.  It was expectedly girly, but it carried a dash of elegance.  So for fall, can we expect clothes that are slightly literary?  Words embroidered on skirts?  How exactly does a poetess dress?  In nineteenth century gowns à la Emily Dickinson?  Or a slim black leotard topped off with a beret?  I'd actually like to see Erin's interpretation of that.

Not to flatter myself or anything, but my predictions for Rodarte's Spring 2010 collection were pretty much spot-on, though I still didn't know what I was in for.  Let's see if I can do well this time around...dreams.  The word associated with Rodarte gets me all giddy!  Each of their collections are already so dreamy so I wonder how it can get anymore dream-like.  Pastels melting into gradients?  I can imagine that they might use plenty of light material.  Tulle?  Chiffon?  Silk?  Oh, the anticipation...

Alexander Wang's inspiration really leaves me guessing...  Perv was a pretty shocking word for his last collection but the fact that it was Alexander's inspiration was not at all surprising.  I know nothing of Wall Street, though my great uncle has made quite a lot from trading stocks (in China).  Also, I've never been to the East Coast and my studies of the Great Depression (and American history in general) tell me nothing.  What I can associate with Wall Street?  Concrete...people yelling...occasional tears...which gets me thinking that Alexander's collection might be symbolic of THE R WORD.  That's right...recession.  We can look for short hems (very typical for the label, but also to "save money" on material), intentionally soiled fabrics, and maybe the old newspaper boy caps.  I know, I'm just throwing things out there, aren't I?

Image sources: Backstage at Jason Wu via The Moment,  Extra design-ey stuff added by meeeeee.


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