Friday, January 22, 2010

Since I've Been Gone

So what have I been doing that has prevented me from fashion blogging?  There's a lot going on in my life now.  First of all, I am now EMPLOYED!   I'm going to be paid minimum wage but it's cash, nonetheless, that will surely help me pay my tuition.  Second, I just underwent a very lengthy internship application process, but after my interview, I'm actually thinking of declining their offer.  Yes, that's a lot of time wasted but I have most definitely benefited from the process.  I now have a portfolio available upon request and a cleaned-up resume!  Finally, and most importantly, I've really bitten off more than I can chew.  I've got a week of midterms/essay deadlines coming up, yet I've barely prepared for them and I've volunteered for a bunch of time-consuming extracurricular projects.  Through all of this, I've entered a sort of college crisis and I'm now wondering what to shave off from my schedule and whether the academic path I've chosen to take is really the right one for me.  It's really hard to cope with everything so I'm going to take a brief hiatus from fashion blogging for a week or two to rethink my priorities.  The Deal Corner on the bottom of the right column in this blog will still be updated daily and my Tumblr queue is always posting up a new image every few hours during the day, but other than that I've really got to take some time off to focus on .  Hopefully, once I'm back on the blog, life will be better academically and of course emotionally.

Sorry, that was a long-winded!  I don't want to leave you all on a strange note so below are some trippy imagery taken from Prada's Spring 2010 Lookbook, available on the brand's website.  Some of the beachy backdrops you see were extracted from the pieces that the models wear.  And the models, including Lindsay Wixon and Hanne Gaby Odiele who star in Miu Miu and Alberta Ferreti spring campaigns, respectively, take relaxed stances within a surreal vibrance.  Enjoy the following, and I'll be back soon!


emily brooks said...

hahaha love the newsss
and love the pics !!

hewnly said...

Love photos!!

kelsea said...

prada is beyond amazing <3

Shini said...

Love how Prada plays around with their photos instead of just take models to a remote field and take perfect/atmospheric pictures of them.

Good luck with midterms and essays! Still great that you're employed now, huh ;)

OOoo how do you know Emily :D?