Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now Presenting Your Wishlist

Jarred Bishop of Tumblr fame is known for his uncomplicated designs that you must have seen in use at least once, even if you've just clicked through a few Tumblr blogs (mine included, hopefully!). Of course, his projects extend outside Tumblr and recently, I've found faabric, a sort of FFFFOUND! for fashionistas.

At first glance, faabric appears to be a simple wishlist but unlike the items you compile in your online shopping cart without ever actually buying (you do that, too, right?), the garments you add to your profile are organized into a simple collage.  It's pleasing to the eyes, but not overwhelming.  This is also a great way to discover new products that you might possibly want to buy.  Or covet, whichever works.  Currently, the site doesn't appear to have many users.  Even though I haven't added any favorites to my profile, I think I'm the most active user...but let's change that!  It's really simple to get started; make a faabric account and follow the instructions (well, the instructions just consist of dragging a link to your bookmarks toolbar).  Once you've made your account, share it!  Let me know what you covet!

Just a short notice: if you check my blog's sidebar, just below the list of sponsors, you'll find my brand new Deal Corner!  One reason I started a fashion blog was to share the many discounts and sales I hear about with you all.  As my friend noted, I'm quite conservative with my (parents') money, so I might as well pass on what I hear about if I'm not going to buy anything!  Hope you all find the Deal Corner helpful, I've been updating it everyday!

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