Sunday, January 31, 2010

CTR, IMO: They Come In Peace

Yes, I am indeed back!  That was quick, wasn't it??  Thank you all so much for not clicking that "unfollow" button once I mentioned a hiatus from blogging. And a warm hello to my new followers!  Now that I'm not an emotional wreck (or at least less of one), I can return to fashion blogging and what perfect timing, too, because the Spring 2010 Couture collections have just finished their premiere!  I'm afraid I'm going to leave out some of the toppermost collections in this post, simply because I want to sleep early tonight.  Sorry Gaultier, Givenchy, Dior, and the rest.

Okay, so the Armani Privé show wasn't at OMG EPIC status, but it was still very beautiful.  I love a collection that sticks with a theme and this couture collection did just that.  Giorgio Armani wanted to take us to the moon through the pearly colors and crescent shapes that appeared in each piece.  Also, I can't help but imagine Lady Gaga, who is definitely from another planet, in Vlada's full moon dress.

Admittedly, I had never heard  of Alexis Mabille before this couture season.  The collection starts out impressive with a strong color duality motif.  But soon, the motif is only visible from the models' hair styling.  Mabille ventures off into sheer fabrics, blacks, whites, costume jewelery and all sorts of head-spinning elements.  What began as a seemingly simplistic collection ended up being an incohesive one.  And honestly, I liked the sheer black and white ensembles more than the color block outfits.  The sort of good news is that this may be the beginning of a new hair trend.  I find it really cool, actually.  Can't ever pull it off, but still.

Tribal futurism indeed.  The styling and makeup at Valentino remind me of that disgusting Pris character from Blade Runner.

Freaky.  I couldn't keep my eyes open during that movie (as in, I was covering them the entire time...I'm sure Blade Runner is a good film but I just can't take even an ounce of violence that involves weapons).

Those sheer bands that wrap around the models' eyes seem perfect for the warriors of the year 2100.  The unnatural rippling of the bands adds a sort of mystique to each ensemble, something that a futuristic collection should definitely encapsulate. What really stands out to me is the light chiffon; especially with all that draping and wrapping, the fabric moves with you.  Long strips of flowing neon yellow will really attract attention if the colors aren't ostentatious enough.

Designer duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli definitely took a different route than the one that Valentino Garavani would've taken but whether this collection is simply evolving or moving away from its fundamental roots is debatable.  We can't predict what these creative directors have in store for spring but hopefully it won't leave us scratching our heads.

Bryanboy mentions on his blog that he believes Elie Saab is the perfect individual to helm Valentino and one look at Saab's couture collection totally explains it.  There was glitz everywhere in this show, from the embroidered dresses to the venue that they premiered in.  The gowns are totally red carpet wear and of course, the red carpet is always graced by Valentino's name.  Don't think the current Valentino designers are budging from their creative director seats, though.

Wat, more spacey stuff?  At least we're not seeing those signature cardigan jackets in these Chanel ensembles.  Actually, the pieces above aren't representative of the whole collection (jackets were indeed there).  They do, however, reveal the many themes that Karl Lagerfeld merged together for a collection that is truly unique. The draping makes me think of Greece but the silk and embroidery say Japan.  It was all so romantic while the silver touches and the outrageous hairstyles made the models look out of this world.  Really, what's with the heart-shaped hairdo?  Not very flattering, but very interesting.

Trends Observed: SPACE (duh!), gloss, shiny things (sorry, my mental word bank decided to take a snooze)

One last thing before I get some're following my Twitter, right?  Alright, you don't have to but at least follow my Twitter list of Fashion Weekers in time for the Fall 2010 shows.  YES. Fashion Week-related tweets from 110 bloggers, musicians, writers, photographers, and designers in ONE webpage!  Sure, you can compile a list yourself if you're willing to give up a couple of precious hours of your life.  You're better off just following my list which is already conveniently there for you! If you plan to attend Fashion Week and will definitely update the masses in Tweet form, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

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fledgling said...

i loved the futuristic vibe of valentino's show, but it was so NOT valentino at all.

the new designers are taking such a huge risk wandering this far from valentino's routes.

younger clients MIGHT appreciate it?
at least i hope so, because this style will scare away the devoted valentino clients who are looking for classic elegance.