Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deals To Ring In 2010

According to a Japanese legend, if you fold a thousand paper cranes, you'll be granted a wish.  I know 2009 was a rough year for many of us so let's hope that 2010 will be a thousand times better!  Today I'll make this post short and sweet...mainly because I didn't prepare to write about anything beforehand, but I thought I should share some deals, as I haven't done so in a while.  Enjoy!

1. DSW Shoe Warehouse - $20.10 off a purchase of at least $99 (Code: NYGIFT)
2. Beyond the Rack - Holiday Blowout Sales, save up to 90%
3. La Garconne - Additional 15% off items already marked down 50/60/70% off (Code: WINTER15)
4. Threadless - All tees for just $10 each
5. Urban Outfitters - Additional 25% off sale items
6. Hayden-Harnett - 30%-80% off fall/winter items online and in-store

Know of any other sales/discounts?  New Year's Resolution more selfishness.  Feel free to share what you know!  Happy New Year, everyone!

Image souce: April Howe via Flickr

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

History's Makeover

Art is always interesting when it references something or someone we all know of.  On the surface, the works might seem a bit kitschy but they really call for deeper interpretation.  Adding a romantic sort of Etsy imperfection to realistic portraits, Christa Palazzolo transformed historical figures from their respected and untouchable images to fashionable personalities.  Each face looks familiar, like one we've seen in a magazine (you can agree or disagree with what I make of each portrait). Palazzolo's oil and acrylic paintings reflect just how a model might pose for a photoshoot, sending a disturbing message of who we admire and consider our idols.  Beauty is skin-deep but unfortunately, that might be all one needs to succeed.

This would be Lara Stone if the skinny pressure got really bad and she actually lost weight.

Okay, someone remind me who Mary Magdalene is...I remember her name from The Da Vinci Code.  She sort of looks like Eugenia Mandzhieva here.

THAT IS SO LILY COLE!  And they're both British so the resemblance makes even more sense! 

Uh, I don't know, does anyone read Playboy?  Also, Madame Curie must be rolling in her grave in response to this.

Sandra Bullock!!  Not a fashion model...but doesn't this look like her?

Alyona Osmanova as a redhead.

Hmm...I don't know, this gal seems like she belongs in the '40s.

This is easy...Naomi Cambell, of course! Except she looks fit to be the First Lady with that hair and coat.  Also can't leave out those conservative pearl earrings.

Images: Christa Palazzolo

Monday, December 28, 2009

Too Cool For Winter

Resort collections are released at the strangest time...they're well-suited for those living below the equator but residents of the Northern Hemisphere better bundle up in between the winter and spring seasons.  Looking at Jonathan Saunder's colorful cruise collection for 2010, I can't imagine wearing much of it around this time of the year, even in "sunny" Los Angeles (there's an overcast today, by the way).  But once spring comes around I would totally want to jump into each piece. The graphics seem so full of life, perfect for when the winter gloom alleviates and flowers begin to bloom.  These Pucci-esque prints are edgy, explosive, and too cool for Rachel Zoe.

Chiffon was layered over silk for the dress to the left and sort of give the graphics a dizzy depth.  And we can pretty much confirm that tie-dye will be trendy this spring.

Much of this collection looks quite casual and even the gowns are imbued with hints of easiness and youth.  Bright colors disrupt the simplicity of these dresses and lend something unique to what could easily be dull.

Saunders seems like a master of color as I am reminded of his brilliant Target collaboration (with stuff that did not sell out in a day).  I bought a couple of deeply discounted pieces, including an ethereal blue ombre halter top, from the collab after a few months of its release.  Ombre once again appears in this cruise collection with a modern artsy twist.  A block of light blue and purple stands out against the dark blue dress on the left.  And on the right, a sliver of black jersey is juxtaposed aside three stacked tie-dyed blocks. I know that a lot of designers consider the body's shape when they create clothes and sure the colored blocks might give the illusion of a skinnier body frame, but the graphics seem to speak for themselves rather than for the wearer.

Images: Fashion Forward,, Net-a-Porter

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishlist - Holiday 2009

I also wish for you all to have a lovely season!
Holiday discounts are currently limited, as it IS the 23rd, but I WAS able to find this Loehmann's coupon ($20 off a purchase of at least $100) and an Urban Outfitters sale on holiday ornaments (up to 40% off and includes Amigurumi Kingdom ornaments!  They're all so cute!!!).  Don't forget about the Aspinal of London discount code (HOLIDAY20 for 20% off purchases of at least $150) I mentioned before.  Enjoy!

Sources for images in graphic:,

P.S. I had to search all over the web to bring that song to this post.  I hope you find it funnier than it is annoying.
P.P.S. I just noticed I spelled collection wrong in my graphic!!!!!!  Well, I WAS making that at 3AM!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

M is for Music

M usic and fashion have always complemented each other, with the most mainstream artists defining the way we should look and what is considered cool.  Elvis' rebellious spirit emanated from leather jackets.  Boys and girls all wanted a pair of Beatle boots. And of course we can't NOT think of Lady GaGa when we see a model strutting down the runway without trousers.  This month (erm, at least in magazine time...January 2010 right now), we're reminded of the relationship that the two industries share. Vogue enlisted up-and-coming music artists for 'Already Famous', photographed by Steven Meisel.  Their presence within the magazine provided an allegory for freshness and renewed energy that accompanied Sasha Pivovarova's wardrobes, all from established European fashion houses currently helmed by "forward-thinking" designers.  So of course Vogue had to bring in the lively Mika (if you don't believe me, watch the 'We Are Golden' music video. Mika's in his undies for the entire video...just a heads up.  Also listen to his cover of Harry Nilsson's 'Everybody's Talkin' SO good).  I want to feature a few other fabulous music acts that start with the letter M so let's see...M is also for...



The Monkees
(for good measure. I'm not a big fan of theirs but I this mash-up is genius! Check out Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions here)

I'm sure I missed some other good M acts...did I miss any of your favorites?

Images: Luxx of tFS

Saturday, December 19, 2009


'Art and Commerce' by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for W Magazine, September 2009. Raquel Zimmerman wears Chanel's Jade nail lacquer.

Chanel RTW Fall 2009; Limited Edition Chanel Nail Lacquer in Jade

Hmm...not sure what I'm doing with that pose. I'm either shushing you or showing off my "hand" gun; Essie Nail Color in Mint Candy Apple from the Winter 2009 Collection

Even though Chanel's Jade polish sold out by the time I saw the W editorial, I knew I had to get a dupe of that lovely light green!  And of course I bought Essie's Mint Candy Apple, as I mentioned before.  Jade has a more blue hue while Mint Candy Apple is indeed more...minty!  In color, not in flavor.  I still like it a lot!  But I think I should stop wearing nail polish for a while...the colors are quite distracting.  Have you ever done your hair all nice then you realize that you've been admiring yourself in the mirror for a little too long?  Kind of like that!  And I have to be super careful whenever I need to scratch my nose or something.

Images:,,, ME,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Film Stills, Starring Daul Kim

The March 2009 issue of Velvet magazine provides a bittersweet reminder of the talented late Daul Kim and her amazing modeling work.  Titled 'Lui & Lei, oriente e occidente' (Him & Her, East and West), this editorial re-imagines film noir with an Eastern twist.  Photographer Azim Haidaryan's captures these dreamy scenes à la Cindy Sherman (if her Film Stills set wasn't limited to self-portraits), freezing the models in the moment of a dramatic and slightly uncomfortable meeting, complete with smoky lighting and moody shadows.

It all kind of reminds me of a Chinese drama...except it's set at a Vietnamese restaurant.  And at least one of the two models is Korean.  And were those wrap dresses inspired by Japanese kimonos??

Delving deeper into this beautiful editorial, I realized that Daul's seductive, mysterious character matched the old Dragon Lady stereotype made famous through slightly racist films in the early 20th century.  Nothing like Asian American Studies to make me think twice about anything with Asian references.  Perhaps this was all intentional?  Like an ill-informed Westerner's interpretation of Asia?
Nevertheless, this is a really romantic editorial, not surprisingly from an Italian magazine.

Speaking of Asia, my cousin just left for China a few hours ago.  I gave her a list of magazines to get me but does anyone know of some great finds (preferably cheap in US dollars) that can be found in Guangzhou or Hong Kong?

Images: shely of tFS

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deals Courtesy of the Lohans and American Apparel

If you've got some cash left over after holiday shopping (you're done, right?  It's okay, I'm not), you can treat yourself to not-so-expensive pieces out of the Lohan's moderately famous closets, via The website's merchandise, ranging from dresses to shoes to kidswear to Lindsay action figures, are relatively cheap given their erm true value instilled by their original famed owners.  Oh, the prices are also much lower than retail!  Converse kicks for $35 and a See by Chloé dress for $250!

I haven't looked through everything, but Lindsay's hot pink Marc Jacobs boots (circa Fall 2009??) are an awesome and edgy statement piece.  Understandably, you might lock your purchases away in a shadow box or auction them off on eBay for some profit.  Despite Lindsay's recent MUSE cover, I know the fashion industry isn't a big fan of the former child star, especially after the Ungaro Spring 2010 show, but these clothes seem quite wearable!  And anyway, I actually liked Mean Girls Parent Trap wasn't that bad either (but Lindsay's British accent was).

You might remember that post from a while ago in which I wrote about the rummage sale at my school's campus.  I only spent $30 but I walked away with over $100 worth of clothes!  So another way you can spend your money is by purchasing some deeply discounted rags at American Apparel's rummage sales taking place at San Diego and Miami.  Some of the clothes are in great condition and even have the original tags, so you might be able to get some holiday shopping done here...just remember to check for holes in the clothes.  Find the price list for all the items here.  Cash, credit, and debit are all accepted!

American Apparel Gaslamp
(beneath the store)
840 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Saturday, December 19th 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday, December 20th 10:00am - 10:00pm

550 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127
(Wynwood Arts District)
Friday, December 18th 10:00am-10:00pm
Saturday, December 19th 10:00am-10:00pm

Those in the Los Angeles area can check out the American Apparel sale supporting Immigration Reform this Saturday.  All proceeds from your purchases will be donated to various human rights organizations that work to bring justice to immigrants.  So shop for a good cause, and remember this sale is CASH ONLY (ATMs are available on-site)!

American Apparel Factory
First floor cafeteria
747 Warehouse St
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Saturday, December 19th 10:00am - 8:00pm

P.S. The Who Designed It? mystery from last week has been solved!  Find out the label that behind that beautiful scalloped top.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rainy Day Illusions

Southern California is finally getting a considerable amount of rain, which is a good thing.  We don't want to be in a drought or anything.  However, this is the worst week for heavy's Finals Week at my school!  Good thing I haven't been hit so hard by exams but as I trekked to my review session and first final on Monday evening, the high winds threatened to break the umbrella I let my friend use.  However the clear bubble umbrella that my cousin gave me for my birthday was really sturdy!  I was able to cover my whole head  and watched for incoming cars and other kinds of POTENTIAL DANGER through the plastic material.

A stormy day isn't a pretty sight to my eyes and unfortunately, my umbrella makes all of that visible.  If I had some change to spend, perhaps I'd buy this beautiful sky umbrella.  All I'd have to do is look up to escape the dreary gray reality.  Famed graphic designer Tibor Kalman created the brilliantly blue image hidden beneath the black covers.  Sometimes called a "Magritte umbrella", the graphic probably refers to the sky background that appears in some of the artist's surreal paintings.  You can often find this artsy accessory in museum gift shops, but you can conveniently buy one from the Museum of Modern Art online store for $48 or even a mini version from the Target website for $28.79!

Aspinal of London's feminine and classy ladies umbrellas also provide a much-needed hint of sunniness with hidden lotus graphics.  If you're not already impressed by the three differently colored flowers and the gray and yellow gradients, each umbrella handle is fashioned with a brass chain and a black or pink Swarovski crystal.  This rainy day accessory is quite pricey at $225, but up until December 31, you can apply the code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off orders of at least $150!

What do you know, it just started raining here in LA.  By the way, I'm back home for winter break!

Links à la Mode

links a la mode

Choices, Choices!

Edited by Dream Sequins

At this time of year, even the smallest decision can feel like the biggest burden. As holiday shopping season swings into full and relentless motion this month, the choices we make as consumers can often feel overwhelming. This week’s compelling roundup of reading explores these choices from every possible angle and makes it clear that as bloggers, we should feel empowered, not overwhelmed. Whether it’s writing about a specialty gift guide for a geek chic girl, choosing the perfect red lip color or even exploring the nuanced difference in quality between designer and mid-priced items, these choices are what make us unique and connect us as an independent fashion blogging community.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Who Designed It? (SOLVED) - White Scalloped Top

Clean, simple, and chic.  Does anyone know the designer of this beautiful top worn by Natalie Portman in a picture taken by Peggy Sirota for Marie Claire January 2010?  She looks like a forest fairy with a ring of petals around her hips.  Oh, and I was really excited when I read this quote from the magazine:
“OK, so I didn’t really go to high school parties and yeah, I didn’t touch pot till I was in my 20s. I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways.”
WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON!  Except I haven't touched pot.  Or drank alcohol (ever...I know).  Who's the REAL late bloomer, hmmm?

Photographer Craig Arend captured model Jacquelyn Jablonski wearing the same top more casually when she was off duty from the Spring 2010 shows in Paris.

UPDATE, December 15, 2009

The top was the work of none other than Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga's Resort 2010 collection!  Thanks for the tip, Emiri!

Images: Marie Claire, Fashion Gone Rogue,