Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dose of Deals - adorable Tokidoki, and classy Ferragamo

So many discounted items! This is my round-up of some great deals that I found during the past hell week of school. Get these items while you can because many of these sales are ending soon!

First is the Gilt Groupe Tokidoki sale; you know, those super kawaii crazy patterned nylon bags designed by artist Simone Legno. Though all the products including messenger bags, a purse, and a fanny pack, feature the same pattern, the prices have been slashed by 50%. If you've been dying to own Tokidoki, here's the perfect chance! You have until June 1, 12PM EDT (9AM PDT), so click here for an invitation to shop this sale!

While ideeli's Salvatore Ferragamo sale started a few days ago and most of the items are sold out, the pretty nude clutch (down from $390 to $225) which is my favorite item is still up for grabs. So are some handbags and leather + patent leather wallets with prices up to 58% off. Click here to shop the ideeli sale before it ends on...the night of June 1? I think?

The last sale also features a Ferragamo item but it's not being sold in a private sale. For some reason, this flawless and beautiful eBay item recieved just 2 low bids (the current bid is just $19.99 with $15 for shipping). These size 6 lavendar flats are SO pretty and flirty with their cute eyelets. I would bid on this item if it was in a size 5.5. Cute shoes just weren't made for girls with small feet...SIGH. Oh well, if the shoe fits, click here to bid!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What do you expect from Carine Roitfeld's offspring?

Nothing less than ravishing.

And FIERCE, indeed! Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, daughter of Paris Vogue EIC Carine Roitfeld, reduces that Alexander McQueen SS 2009 dress to a flurry of threads! These photos, taken by the very talented Paola Kudacki, who I think has become one of my favorite fashion photographers, make me regret not buying the April issue of Harper's Bazaar UK. Yes, it has been long gone from magazine racks. Luckily, fellow photo ed lovers gather at The Fashion Spot to share their scans and glossy findings.

Find the full editorial HERE, courtesy of Smile.

Also, someone NEEDS to buy this Christian Louboutin bootie from Only size 37.5 IT (about 7.5 US) of the C'est Moi style is left in a BRIGHT AS DAY fluorescent pink (brighter than San Diego's recent days...seriously, what's up with the weather? I can't remember when the last real spring day was. Like, in 2008?). At $825, these pair of shoes are not cheap, but the original price of $577.50 has been slashed by 30%. So if you have the money and the shoe fits, YOU can feel like Cinderella!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Killer Shoes (literally)

This illustrator is amazing, I just found his watercolor (I THINK they're watercolor!) paintings on Flickr while searching for pictures of Rodarte shoes. I found an American size 5.5 pair on eBay that ended up selling for a little over $50. Not bad at all. Expect more badassery after my five essays are done. They're due in a few hours.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Month of Romance - 'The Wedding Party'

Can you guess who her sister is just by looking at this fair-skinned face? I'm not very good at spotting what exact features that siblings share, but something about her most definitely makes me think of a young Sasha. Yup, this is Alyona, Sasha Pivovarova's sister.

A lot of Vogue readers may already be familiar with this picture from the editorial titled 'The Wedding Party', is in the most recent issue, June 2009 and there's a lot of "the usual" US Vogue crap in here, including shots of established Vogue models (Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Karlie Kloss) jumping in front of a beige studio background. Then there's that weird Lara Stone photo's a model known for her tough "angry face" stroking Morgan Freeman's cheek. On the other hand, the photo ed featuring Sasha Pivovarova and her photog husband, Igor Vishnyakov, is kind of cute.

I love that most of the people in these pictures are not models. You'll find Mama Pivovarova (Olga Ivanova Pivovarova) and Igor's niece Lilia Masha Vishnyakov sitting between Buddhist Shaolin Temple Warrior monk Shi Yan Ming and Russian photographer Leonid Lubianitsky. And standing next to models Hana Soukupova and Irina Kulikova is Sasha's bro, Oleg.

I love seeing this family together...with some extras (some very famous extras). Below are some thumbnails to my favorite images of the editorial, including Igor doing a traditional Russian dance while Sasha stands there...and laughs! All of the scans are courtesy of SashaCo from The Fashion Spot but being the picky visuals-oriented person I am, I color corrected the selected images on Photoshop (though differences in LCD brightness/contrast/color settings will produce different results). You can find all the original scans here.

Free Image Hosting at

P.S. If you are DYING to have a different image from this editorial, or ANY editorial, color corrected, don't hesitate to ask me through commenting!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The beauty of Mother's Day

Most of the world is already celebrating Mother's Day but here in Pacific time, Mother's Day is still a couple hours away. I wish a big, wholehearted Happy Mother's Day to all the loving, caring moms in the world!

I wonder what all of y'all gave/plan to give your mothers on this special day...whether it's something you bought, something you made, or something abstract. What happened today was a bit funny. I already presented my mom with her present, which I was planning to do, but she walked into my room while the present was in plain sight. "What's that??" she asked. HAHA. Bit of a warning...this post is a break from fashion; time for a personal aside...

A couple of weeks ago, I IMed my brother via AIM and asked if he got a Mother's Day gift for our mom yet. He said no but he was thinking about giving her Gold Bond foot cream. As good Gold Bond is advertised to be, our mom deserves a little better than drugstore products. My mom is always doing house work since she's the only one at home all day and has the capability of keeping on her toes and taking care of my grandparents.

I put my product finder skills to work and searched for the most popular foot cream out there. I found several options but once I got to the Sephora website, the L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream page boasted such reviews:

"I put this cream on my feet every night then put socks on my feet and leave my feet like that overnight. I wake up to soft feet."

No more cracked ugly heals with this foot lotion!!!!"
Use it on hands...its great for those who wash hands frequently or work outdoors.

PERFECT! My mom does BOTH those things mentioned in the last review (washing her hands often is not due to OCD; Asian recipes require lots of veggie washing)! So then came my quest to find this product in a nearby store, perhaps in San Diego's Fashion Valley. I came across a L'Occitane store just the weekend before, when I was at Irvine Spectrum. I was surprised when I saw it right next to the very American Macy's department store since I thought L'Occitane was purely a French thing. The first and only L'Occitane store I had browsed was at Rouen, France. As I thought, there IS a L'Occitane store at Fashion Valley, but there was one way closer (30 minutes difference by bus), at University Town Center! How convenient! I didn't visit this outdoors mall since October when I went ice skating with my hallmates. So this was also a good time to explore a new shopping space.

My brother agreed that this cream would make a great gift so off I was last Friday to find this product. Inside the fragrant (headache-inducing for my friend) store, I found many types of creams, but not the one I was looking for specifically. Luckily, the L'Occitane employee came up to me and noted that there was a "better" foot cream than the tube of Lavendar Foot Cream I held. L'Occitane's organic, African-grown shea butter makes up 20% of the very popular foot cream. While I chatted with the employee a bit more and discovered that she lives very close to my hometown (1.75 hours away from SD) and her favorite restaurant is where my aunt works, I got the 5.2 oz package gift wrapped in lavendar-coloerd tissue paper. At $26 + tax, I felt that this gift was reasonably priced when it comes to good skincare. Not to mention that I got a few free samples of other L'Occitane products!

As I was taking pictures of the wrapped gift here at home, my mom walked inside my room and spotted the purple package on my bed. Teehee, oh well, she was supposed to get it anyway. xoxoxo

Photos: me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Haute, the excitement!

Yet another attempt at a punny title. Two potentially great sales will be arriving at the LA-based private sales website this week.

I know I've mentioned the trendy Decades Two cosignment boutique before, when hosted a Decades Two sale filled with Stella McCartney, Chanel, and even Louis Vuitton. The website and cosignment store have bridged a friendly relationship by now (they are bff's according to the Decades Two blog). Tomorrow (Monday, May 4, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT), Decades Two is putting up their just-arrived inventory of Manolo Blahnik footwear for a special HauteLook-hosted sale. With 25 styles available, you're sure to find something to make your feet happy!

The day after (Tuesday, May 5, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT), one of my favorite beauty/skincare brands Kiehl's will go on sale. Okay, maybe it's wrong to call it a favorite because I've only tried one of their products, the Rare-Earth Oatmeal Milk Facial Cleanser. It's meant for oily skin (which is why my mom got it for my acne face brother) so it doesn't really fit my dry skin. However my face feels silky smooth after I use the cleanser, which doesn't irritate at all! Just a little luxury that most everyone can have. I'm not certain that HauteLook will be selling this cleanser but based on this little preview video and the sale picture, at couple of the popular Creme de Corps moisturizing products will go on sale. I may make my first purchase in hopes of curing my lizard skin. Follow my lead and click here to join HauteLook!

Enjoy your Sunday, start dreaming about shoes and herbal cleansers while I study for my midterm and do my laundry!

Banner graphic: me with images courtesy of Images (top to bottom): Vogue UK, January ????, via Kiehl's Twitter page.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Model Love: Siri the cutie!

My admiration for Norwegian model Siri Tollerød only grows as I discover more about her! In light of Mother's Day next weekend, this 21-year-old model will be the first model to receive my love! And I assure you, it's not because (or not only because) of her Mommie Dearest editorial...

Why I think Siri is awesome:

1. She doesn't smoke. THEREFORE SHE IS AUTOMATICALLY AWESOME. As you may know, many models smoke especially backstage at fashion shows, and it's quite depressing. No offense to those of you who smoke. May I suggest marijuana as a healthier alternative? Kidding. Sort of.

2. She appreciates yummy, wholesome foods and all forms of art. Two of my favorite things!

3. She started serious modeling AFTER secondary school. I often read about models who moved away from home when they were very young to really get into modeling. However, they miss out on the knowledge they could have gotten if they had stayed in school.

Some models opt for online schooling but it's still not the same experience. Doesn't everyone want to be a High School Musical!? (Hell no.) Plus, you grow up too fast when you start working full time that early...enjoy childhood/adolescence! We'll be working adults for most of our lives.

4. She has a great relationship with her mother, Aase
. And this is why I chose to feature Siri! Though Aase moved to Milan with her daughter when her modeling career just started and helped Siri move in to her New York apartment, Siri does not live with her mother anymore.
When you move away from home, you're doing your own thing without having to get permission from mom. But as Siri stated in the Modelinia video, her mother's support is very important to her.

5. She has the cutest smile and beautiful skin! Who needs Photoshop when you've got Siri?

Siri, keep doing your thing! Not only are you pretty and successful but you're also inspiring!

Images: Numéro 97, October 2008. Editorial: Mommie Dearest. Photography: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello. Model: Siri Tollerød. via Omnis of TFS. Lula #6, Spring 2008. Editorial: Crown of Love. Photography: Ellen von Unwerth. Styling: Leith Clark. Model: Siri Tollerød. via Jottings of a Fashionista. Videos: Modelinia