Sunday, April 26, 2009

Target's Leftovers

Sorry for that eyesore of a post that I put up earlier. It was dreadfully long...
Yikes, no updates for over a week? Let me try to make up for that...
I always get excited when I see new Target GO International advertisements in fashion magazines. Target jewelery never caught my attention until I saw the Dean Harris for Target advertisement last summer as I was flipping through the pages of Vogue.

I was particularly interested in the swirling branches of silver that wrapped into organic-looking rings and bracelets. Other nature references included a silver lotus flower bracelet, wooden bangles, necklaces lined with clear pebbles, and golden leaves that dangled from earrings. And being a huge fan of John Lennon and his message of peace, I could not resist those peace signs that dangled from a bracelet.

With this collection, Harris, who previously designed for Bill Blass and Marc Jacobs, can certainly satisfy hippies. The jewelery was supposed to be available at Target stores nationwide only until December 26 of last year. I think the residents in my area found the collection too expensive, so the Dean Harris display remained in glass boxes at the jewelery display for months after Christmas. Though the display trickled as people picked up the discounted jewelery, a few pieces remained, one of them being the bracelet with dangling peace signs. I dropped by Target on Easter eve to buy materials for my survival kit (I swear, it's for class, and no, I don't know when the next disaster will occur) and had to check the price of this bracelet. I couldn't believe what I saw...just $14.49, reduced from the original price of $59.99.

I'm wearing this bracelet now, just after coming back from a show my school helped put up (with Rooney headlining!!!) to celebrate John Muir's birthday and Earth Week. What a fitting occasion!

Banner photo: me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is how I say sorry...

Since I haven't blogged for a while, here are a couple of treats to ask for forgiveness...

1. recently launched after months of planning/website preparedness stuff that I have no clue about. Since I subscribed to updates a long while ago, I got the e-mail about its launch last Thursday. I didn't see too many impressive items on sale (still quite expensive) but the site has been getting more new stock, including some great designer garments for a limited time Pop-Up Sale. Unlike other discounted/cosignment sales websites, anyone can register to buy items from without invitation.
Some good finds from the whole site include a color block Chloé dress from Spring 2008 (it was actually the opening dress of the SS 2008 runway show), a painterly printed Alberta Ferretti dress, Stella McCartney beaded tribal heels, and hot pink suede Loubooties (I'm not the only one who likes these shoes, right?). The Pop-Up sale ends right at the stroke of midnight on Monday so you still have Sunday to shop.

2. ideeli is holding an Escada clothing and accessories sale next Monday, April 27 so wherever you are in America (sorry, people outside the US...), you can look forward to summer by buying some colorful brights and getting excited to wear them once things warm up! It's cold here in SoCal...even New York has much warmer temperatures at this time! The sale will most likely start at 12PM EST for 2nd Row Members (standard membership) and 11AM EST for 1st Row Members (they're members who bought sales priorities but they shouldn't get the way of standard members). Here's an invite link, enjoy!

I hope I won't be as busy this week (or from now on) so I can update this blog more often. I just got assigned an essay that's due on Friday. Plus I have a midterm on Friday........
I'll try to blog.

--UPDATE 04.27.09--

I really encourage you to join ideeli now, as the YSL clutch giveaway is accepting entries for only six hours TODAY! Go go go!

Images (top to bottom): probably via with some image rearranging done by me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Me to You

Wowwie, three comments on my blog within the last 48 hours! Unimpressive? I think not! I'm elated that people (many of whom write wonderfully insightful blogs) are dropping by and reading my posts! Thank you!

In case you are interested, I have set up a FeedBurner account, but because I feared that I was advancing my blog too quickly, I refrained from publicizing an e-mailed subscription to my posts. However, if you'd like, you can click here to subscribe to Rags to Reverie by e-mail, Google reader, etcetera. I've also added a convenient Follow box (loyal readers should not be dubbed "followers", though) in the bottom of the right column of my blog. It's there only temporarily, just to see if anyone wants to keep track of my posts.

For the moment, I am swamped with both academic and extracurricular work, but this short post is about the French Connection sale coming up tomorrow on Back when I was a little goody two-shoes (not that I'm not one anymore) in middle school, I cringed at those shirts that displayed the acronym "FCUK". IT'S JUST SO CLOSE TO THE ACTUAL SWEAR WORD. But nowadays I actually use that word (only sometimes!) AND I have seen the items that French Connection has to offer other than FCUK tees. Other things of the FCUK label? Colorful dresses, skirts, and other girly things!

As you can see in the picture, there is a womenswear and menswear sale, so guys can get in on the deals, too! Here's the invite link!

Again, I greatly appreciate all the comments! This blog started out as a need to express my views on fashion and pass the word on special sales. I'm so glad that there are people at the other end, reading my posts!

Banner image: Coach SS 2009 Campaign, model: Ali Michael (so stunning!), photographer: ? via MAGstyle of TFS. Image:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I was 14, going on Seventeen

Once upon a time, I subscribed to the tween magazine Seventeen. It boasted of fashion tips -- what is in and what is out. What was in during my freshman year of high school? "OH YES! - Tinted sunglasses lenses". What was out? "OH NO! - White sunglasses frames", for the supposedly looked cheap. Being the close-minded little adolescent I was, I believed Seventeen and the first pair of sunglasses I bought (er, I mean my aunt bought for me) were some trendy Paul Frank shades with tinted brown lenses (I cared more about the two-colored frame than the lenses, though).

As I grew older, I gradually realized that Seventeen lied to me about white frames. Some of them were so chic and expensive-looking. And a few days ago, I realized that Seventeen was indeed wrong and made a horrible generalization. Behold the Proenza Schouler Hipster sunglasses; rounded Wayfarer, edge meets formality, retro meets modernity. I absolutely love the unique shape of the frame and lens. So fresh! This pair of shades will flatter people of all ages, especially since it emits a youthful vibe without losing sensibility.

I sort of wish I bought a pair while it was sold on ideeli (this style sold out quite quickly), especially since they were priced lower than my Paul Frank glasses. Plus the big frames I currently own were too trendy at the time. Huge square frames are so over...we all need a pair of timeless shades!

While I am on the topic of sunglasses, ideeli just put up a batch of discounted Chloé shades. The return of the creme Filao II, the pair of sunglasses I had been lusting over. There's that sort of kind of Wayfarer shape again, but not as trapezoidal. I LOVE nude/creme colors. I have to say that this style is SO Chloé...can't explain why, though. I like the Proenza Schouler glasses more, though, plus the Filao II is more expensive.

Most of the items from the Chloe sale are sold out, but not all. Click here for an invitation link to ideeli and start buying!

Oh yes, moral of the blog post...don't listen to Seventeen! Actually, just don't read it -- it gives teenagers false hope and encourages young girls to idolize celebs. Plus, Seventeen issues smell funny.

from the film The Sound of Music via mamtajagdishdody on Youtube . Images: ideeli.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If today's deals weren't satisfying enough, here's another!

Whether you've been collecting discounted Hayden-Harnett goods, chasing down pink Topshop vans, online sample shopping, or preventing yourself from getting pranked, everyone has been enjoying April Fool's Day. I sure didn't. Not that I got pranked or anything.

This is just a quick post to inform you that Rue La La is kicking off it's Fendi Final Sale this morning at 11AM EST (8AM PST). The sale will run until April 4, 11AM EST. Remember, it's the final sale so once things are gone, they're gone for good. At least at Rue La La. Don't forget the invite link (clickclickclick)!

Other things to note:

1. I discussed Hayden-Harnett's NY store sample sale yesterday, but I didn't mention Hayden-Harnett's almost equally awesome online sample sale! Super cheap, Lucy-approved items to note: $15 small case, $10 canvas tote, $10 glasses case, $10 cloud luggage tag, $5 PVC belt. To be honest, it's not worth buying these items if they will be of little use to you, but if you just happened to be searching for a cheap designer belt or a glasses case (like me...those Coach glasses cases also need protection, no matter how sturdy they look), then this online sale may benefit you. For deeper discounts, you should go to the HH store in New York (click here for the map) where a pair of cute flats were sold for as little as $25, as. You MIGHT be lucky enough to find some nice remnants of the April 1 HH store frenzy.

2. Who can forget about Topshop NYC's opening when there's this Topshop hype going around in the fashion realm?? April 1 was your last chance to grab some freebies on the streets of NY. And now today, you can finally enter those Topshop NYC doors at 11AM EST. Actually, you probably won't be able to enter at exactly 11AM EST, because there must be people lining up in front of the store at this moment. I hear it's cold over in the East Coast still, right? By the way, Kate Moss will be making a cameo in the morning, cutting the ribbon at the store's opening!

Alright, I have GOT to get on track with school now. Have fun, New Yorkers (like you always do...).

Banner image: Photograph: shutter/bug on Flickr.

Haute deals tomorrow -- will James IV show up?

Apologies for my lame attempt at creating a punny title for this special blog post. I've recently been discussing a lot of deals and discounts lately...expect a change of course soon.

I'm really excited for the Elizabeth and James sale being held by HauteLook! The last sale the website held that really caught my attention was the beautiful leftovers from Decades Two's cosignment stock. Though the products didn't sell in the store, they sold quickly online! So after seeing that, I knew that this website is one you could trust for outstanding products at...somewhat discounted prices.

So get ready for Elizabeth and James merch selling on April Fool's Day, 8AM PST. No joke. Though I'm happy to finally find a site with a company based in the West Coast, the East Coast still benefits more than me. Y'all near the Atlantic can start buying at 11AM EST. Hmph.

Anyway, I'm especially excited for this sale because I've been on the lookout for Elizabeth and James pieces ever since I saw a feature (must've been from Who What Wear daily) on the James IV blazer. It's perfectly oversized with beautiful ruched 3/4-length sleeves and comes in different colors. I've seen it come in white (see the Aggy and MK pics?), black (that mannequin looks hot with the jacket+oversized shirt+leggings+heels), tan, and grey.

HauteLook's description of the clothing line made me speculate the sale of this jacket:
Started by two of the most talked about fashionistas in town, Elizabeth and James' line of contemporary clothing marries the Olsen twins' stylish eccentricities and boho flair. Their fashion-forward designs include ordinary, everyday separates embellished with unusual, eye-catching details. Simple cardigans are offset by a feather trim, while a cotton blazer becomes new with on-trend, three-quarter-length sleeves.
Blazer, eh? Cotton, eh? Well, that's not right...the blazer I'm lusting over is made of mostly polyester. But I'll just have to wait until the morning to see the full range of discounted goods!

Also, if you're a Gucci girl who wears stunna shades (what makes them "stunna/stunner"?), you'll probably be interested in HauteLook's other April 1 sale. Watch out for Gucci sunglasses in the morning, just in time for the spring sun (at least in California)!

Here's an HauteLook invite link, enjoy! Remember, the website's hosting BOTH the Elizabeth and James and Gucci sunglasses sale. Both sales will also be taking place until April 2, 11PM PST (or April 3, 2AM EST).

The final sale I'd like to mention is Hayden-Harnett's sample sale at their New York showroom starting 11AM. You'll be able to find Spring 2009 pieces and items from past collections at 40%-80% off the original prices until April 3, 7PM. And look, I've even provided a link to the location as displayed on Google Maps:

Hayden-Harnett Showroom
16 W 36th St # 501
New York, NY 10018

If you go, do me a favor and ask if there are any Hayden-Harnett for Target bags left over. I'm still upset that I wasn't able to nab one while they went on sale. Here's more info on the showroom sale via HH's Flickr.

So yes, now that I've given you clued you in to all these deals, go out there and spend (wisely)!

Banner graphic: me with thanks to and Photos (left to right, top to bottom):, model: Agyness Deyn., subject: Mary-Kate Olsen. Gucci SS 2009 Campaign, models: Natasha Poly and (?). Hayden-Harnett's Flickr.

Topshop's ingenious marketing ploy benefits YOU

Sorry about not blogging about this earlier, but I forgot that although I can't reach this rare East Coast event, others out there in the blogosphere can. Just yesterday, Sharon Clott of reported that a Topshop ice cream truck-like automobile that flashed "Everybody Loves Topshop" was parked at the corner of St. Marks Place near Third Avenue. I have no idea where that is but perhaps you do! This should totally matter to you because a woman standing nearby the truck is giving out Topshop gift cards containing as much as $500 for!

One commenter of this blog post writes that there is a bag full of gift cards and the catch is that you won't know how much your gift card contains until you use it at the store. Topshop is set to open next week, on April 2, and although the opening date has been postponed time and time again, things seem pretty legit this time.

Another commenter reported that the Topshop freebies giveaway includes tote bags filled with Topshop's magazine, postcards (including one to mail in for a Topshop contest), and a mini bottle of water. She, as well as another commenter, however, did not see any sign of a gift card giveaway.

But you might be luckier than them! If you're in the Big Apple, take advantage of Topshop's promotion scheme! The last day you can find the two Topshop trucks in the city is April 1, the day before the store's opening. Quick, the trucks are moving so track it here before you sprint for freebies!

--UPDATE 04.01.09--

Happy April Fool's Day! Don't get carried away with the pranks! There are other important things to do, such as chase down those Topshop vans (not a trucks) that will still be roaming the streets of New York City. Find these Heart Challenger vehicles (yes, that's what the vans have been dubbed) either by checking the Hearts Challenger locator or Twitter!

The locators will tell you exactly where the vehicles are and how fast they are moving (so don't stress your legs if you see that the vans are moving over 10 mph). The Topshop Twitter page will tell you when the van is moving and when it has stopped, along with its new location. But beware, Racked NY reports that Topshoppers are aggressive and pushy. Also, not many people are recieving gift cards in their totes so you should probably try asking the Topshop employee/van drive (?) about the gift cards.

Banner graphic: me (I know, it doesn't look so creative juices haven't been flowing lately. Plus Blogger/Picasa always pixelates its uploaded images). Image: