Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seeing double in Chanel Haute Couture and FCUK

Kate Bosworth looked gorgeous in her Chanel Haute Couture ensemble at the Chanel Mobile Art opening in New York's Central Park. It wasn't too long ago when I first looked through an issue of Teen Vogue and saw a picture of the actress in that dress. The material looked stiff and delicate at the same time; I wondered if the dress moved well with the body. What I found most unusual but beautiful about the outfit, however, was the illusion of a bubble skirt beneath the bell-shaped portion of the "top". That, along with the silver material, truly enhanced the futuristic vibe coming from this dress.

I was reminded of the photograph of Kate when I just happened to look at the French Connection spring collection. I haven't looked at the website in ages but I was immediately intrigued by this black dress. It was the double hem! A more detailed picture of the dress, however, reveals that the black dress's material would not move like the Chanel dress. The description of this piece on the website claims it was a "ballet inspired dress", made of 80% cotton and 17% polyester. Though the Chanel dress seemed somewhat stretchable, at least around, I guess you can call them pleats (?), it looked quite stiff -- and it had to be in order to maintain that voluminous shape. The black dress still seems like a beautiful piece to wear, though. Just look at that neckline!

So are double hems the trend of future? The more the better, right? Or is this style reminiscent of that awful skirt over jeans trend? I personally love both dresses! I must note that Time magazine placed Kate Bosworth in her Chanel ensemble as no. 5 in Top 10 list of fashion faux pas in 2008. Whatever, Time just doesn't understand fashion (though they do put out interesting Style & Design supplement issues). Just remember, a double hemmed dress is NOT the same as wearing a skirt over another skirt.

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UPDATE: PEPLUM DRESS.  OMFG IT'S CALLED A PEPLUM DRESS.  It's August 19 and I just realized that.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today I slept in until 11AM and...

What. the. eff. How many times must I be put down by these awesome sample sales?? I went to bed at almost 3AM last night -- I had to sleep in a bit! The first time this Marc by Marc Jacobs pendant was put on sale on Rue La La, it was sold out before I was able to take a look at the sale (I had a better excuse back then: class in the morning).

I sulked for a few days and tried getting over it by looking for cheaper priced Marc by Marc pendants online (I found a few, too). However, THIS IS THE CHEAPEST IT HAS EVER BEEN. JUST $49 (minus the shipping and handling)?!? INSANE! I can't find anything cheaper than that. This is the final sale, too, so you'll never see this on Rue La La again. Back to sulking...

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Another day, another chance: Rue La La's final sale

I felt so distressed after discovering that the HauteLook, a sample sale website, was given cosignment stock by Decades Two, an awesomely expensive and gorgeous Los Angeles vintage store. Unlike it's twin store Decades, Decades Two carries apparel and accessories that premiered on the runway only a few years ago (Chanel '05 jackets being sold on their eBay page). And imagine, HauteLook was selling this stuff at discounted prices! Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga bags...Stella McCartney and Alaia shoes...and oh my word. The more gorgeous Prada and Marni bags. Balenciaga shoes that look like they're from FW 2009. Louis Vuitton bags. At up to 80% off. I still wouldn't have been able to afford anything, but waking up early to find that nothing has sold out yet is a rewarding sight to me. Since I woke up quite late, TONS of items sold out.

Here's to the road of recovery...I am sharing news of Rue La La's final sale with retail prices are slashed up to 70% off. This sale starts early today (well, at least to a west coaster like me) at 11AM EST (that's 9AM PST). Remember, the early bird gets the worm! Here's a Rue La La invitation link!


Swimming in a glossy sea

Like I've mentioned previously, I came home on Friday and I was surprised to find two months worth of unread fashion and news magazines lying allover my bedroom. These included

1 issue of Teen Vogue (April)
2 issues of Vogue (March, April)
2 issues of my new subscription to Harper's Bazaar (March, April)
1 issue of Time's Style & Design supplement (April 2009)
Far too many issues of Time and Newsweek

Yes, I'm a magazine whore. I become totally engrossed by vibrant spreads and stunning photographs in large formats. That Friday night after watching a surprisingly violent Slumdog Millionaire (an amazing film, nonetheless), I made a late night trip with some high school friends to Barnes & Noble, where we flipped through pages of novels and magazines...mostly magazines. I was so pleased to find the amount of foreign versions of Vogue that were available, but my main target was V magazine. I had been searching for the issue every since I laid eyes on's preview of Willy Vanderperre's stunning, yet stark shots of Raquel Zimmerman and Natasha Poly for V58. And there it was, right next to Vanity Fair (and right below, ahem, Maxim and all those magazines aimed primarily towards men...). I literally embraced the magazine.

And today, my friend just gave me the March issue of Nylon, part of a subscription I bought for her. So add that to my list of magazines and I have a total of SEVEN "new" and shiny fashion magazines! And now that I have discovered that my Barnes & Noble carries foreign magazines, I will probably be investing in periodicals much more. More on the only bookstore in town later...

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The price for pumps...sold by ideeli

I got home yesterday in the afternoon, which is quite early for me. I wish I could take the morning train more often but alas, my classes forbid it. While packing my necessities (sort of) just after working my ass off all night to finish a final paper, I must have been so dazed (and confused! heh!) that I forgot to pack a few of my belongings! So not only are my fisheye camera, rolls of film, and driver's permit (sort of but not really a permit, actually)...I left my picture card reader at my dorm! Until my parents are not asleep nearby the only computer in the house that reads more than one type of picture card, my recent captures that were intended to be posted here will have to wait until tomorrow to be uploaded. Wow, that was wordy.

So for now, I shall share a recent sale that piqued my interest. ideeli, a private sales website well-known by frugal fashionistas, is putting up Pour La Victoire shoes for sale at up to 72% off retail prices. I'm not so familiar with this brand (only know that ideeli quite often sells these shoes), but I am loving these modern, eye-catching styles that come in an array of colors.

I didn't buy anything from this sale (it's still above my price range), but here are some shoes worth noting:

These look so Marc Jacobs SS 2008. I love that milky peach color, but if you don't, there are three other colors to choose from. Selling for $74, down from $194. Not a bad price at all if you can't afford Marc's pumps!

This pair was the featured in the ideeli sales reminder email. It's not really my thing, but color blocking is quite trendy nowadays. Originally priced at $279, now on sale for $139.

I'm just a sucker for ankle boots. Those textures in the material are interesting, too. Originally $250, now selling for $99.

Here's my inner feline coming out...THOSE TASSLES ARE SO CUTE! And that hint of gorgeous! Retail price was $275, now selling for $110.

The sale ends in a day, so be quick! Here's an ideeli invitation for you!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

OMG, Erin Wasson selling her designer clothes for <$100!

Though I am sleep-deprived (took a thirty minute nap last night) from finishing an essay, the very last of my finals, I am too excited to sleep right now. But I'll be able to knock out anyway.

If you're around Los Angeles today, maybe heading to the beach, be sure to drop by Rogue Status in Venice. This retail store is owned by Erin Wasson's boyfriend, but why does that matter? Starting at 11AM and ending at 6PM, Erin will have a huge stock of clothes, straight from her closet, available for purchase with prices less than $100 and average costs of about $20. Better yet, all the proceeds are benefitting the Best Friends Animal Charity. So is Erin doing a bit of spring cleaning? Her explanation:
“My style has gotten a lot simpler and now that I’m designing, I want to wear my own stuff.”
That means she has to abandon the designer garments that have been collecting in her closet for years. Us Average Janes are not only being given the rare opportunity to purchase affordable Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga (freaking Balenciaga!!!) but also the chance to own a piece once owned by a modern fashion icon. My goodness, what a bargain. Unfortunately...I will not be able to take advantage of any of this. *HEAVY SIGH* I don't drive, nor do I even have a driver's permit (I passed the written test but thanks to my nearsightedness, I did not pass the eye exam).

However, if you plan to go to this heavenly event, please inform me of the sale's details through comment (right on this blog entry)! Layout of the clothes, order within the store, brands that were available, range of prices, all the nitty gritty!

Your journey in discovering affordable designer-dom starts here:

Rogue Status Venice

1720 Main Street, Venice, CA

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spastic Natasa V. poses and screams for Terry

Purple #11 from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

Due to finals, I should be MIA, but for your viewing pleasure here is the...erm...unique (at a loss of words for this gal) Natasa Vojnovic flailing on the floor, spinning in circles, screaming at the camera, etc. etc. all while that funky music plays in the background. I laughed when I first saw this...without audio. Famed photographer Terry Richardson doesn't even flinch. He has probably seen weirder, though. If I ever find the pictures that resulted from this shoot, I'll post them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sign of the times? Uh, right...

The great yet curious thing about art is that you can derive so much meaning from something so simple. Let's take the image of an airplane flying in the sky. You can say it is a symbol of freedom and an unbound desire to reach out to totally different cultures and societies. But then again the plane could symbolize a penis penetrating the sky.

This type of free interpretation translates to fashion (Though I hope there are no references to penises. You may have seen this reference to girl parts). Is it right for to describe certain looks as depression chic? I'm sure they meant that these looks referenced the 1930's, NOT the economic times.

I'm getting tired of fashion writers noting that designers are creating their collections with the recession in their mindset. See all those bright colors on the catwalk? They symbolize optimism and looking forward to better times ahead! Oh, wait. How about those somber, stark colors? Well...those can be a reference to this sad recession as well, right? Please...I'm sure there are some designers who were economy-conscious during the process of creating their spring garments. But so many collections are being interpreted in the wrong way!

Let's go through some of the looks categorized under the "depression chic" trend...

Is this Jil Sander dress so simple that it's depressing? Love the shoes, though!

Stammy looks a bit depressed in this stained Miu Miu number. Cheer up, Jess!

Love Roberto Cavalli's take on the flapper dress!

Love Alberta Ferretti's take on the flapper dress, too. That light fringe paired with silver colored stones and sheer material is gorgeous!

I can't tell you how much I love Marc Jacobs's spring 2009 collection. It is in no way depressing...all those colors, textures, patterns, and references unexpectedly but perfectly complement each other. As Jacobs described his collection, it is "familiar but fresh". Indeed we have seen those Americana, far Eastern, and grunge styles before but never put together in such a profound way.
The gingham tops do remind me of Little House On the Prairie fashions (ok, I admittedly never read the book or watched the TV series) but I'm pretty sure Marc Jacobs didn't make the economy his inspiration.

This Vera Wang dress is simply gorgeous, something that would be donned by an A-list celeb. The only thing that depresses me about it is that I will probably never even lay eyes on this dress in it's physical form!

What puts this Just Cavalli dress in the depression chic category is beyond me.

Out of all the looks, this Burberry ensemble best fits the "depressing" title. I can't really tell, but from what I see, the coat is a bit wrinkled and the fabric looks slightly worn in. That huge patchwork canvas bag and socks in oxford heels look is fit for a nomad. Call it hobo wear. Chic hobo wear that many covet! There's a really grunge-ey thing going on here with the light fabric and the stunning earthy brown ombre. Okay, maybe this collection isn't so depressing. I love it! I should write a review on that collection later.

Banner image: myvintagevogue on Flickr. model: Katharine Hepburn. "Depression hurts", heh. Photos: Marcio Madeira for

Newcomer model sheds tears at Jil Sander

Woah, now this is odd. I know I'm a bit late on the news but check out that picture. Lithuanian model Auguste Abeliunaite (or Auguste Tomasuite), one of the newer faces in fashion who has also walked in Burberry, Prada, and Pringle of Scotland looked like she was crying on the Jil Sander runway last Friday. What had happened?! Was there a fight backstage?? Did her agent tell her to lose more weight (not saying that she's fat, she really isn't...but you know how agencies are nowadays)?? Wall Street Journal reported that Jil Sander's US publicist said in an e-mail that he did not notice the tears. I'll believe that. Modelinia thinks she was crying "tears of joy". Highly doubt it. Poor gal.

--UPDATE 3.08.09--

I'm a bit late with posting this here, but a few days ago, NY Mag got word that Auguste's sensitive pale blue eyes could not adjust to the lighting and camera flashes very well, thus comes the waterworks. The model left a comment on Wall Street Journal's Heard on the Runway blog entry about her:
There wasnt any small shoes or my emocional problems!!!! The lights was very strong and cameras was flashing all the time. My eyes are very sensitive thats why i was crying.
She's pretty good at English...just saying. Anyway, that's the end of that. Now please media people, stop deriving meaning from her tears. And PLEASE don't make some connection to the damn economy.

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