Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wishlisted: Sergio Rossi's Fiore shoes

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I never knew I had the ability to lust over a pair of shoes. Pictured above are Sergio Rossi's crystal studded Fiore bootie and pump from his Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. Ever since I first saw the ankle boot featured as an editor's pick in Vogue's Age(less) issue, I have been mesmerized by those swirling gems and beads that dot the whole shoe.

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Can you tell that some of the crystals on the black ankle boot are periwinkle? Didn't notice that until I searched for the shoe online and zoomed in on the studs. To be honest, I think the design would have looked more glamorous and sophisticated if it only had white crystals (I'll refrain from using the word bling; way to be "sophisticated", right?). However, you can tell that the creators of this shoe put tons of hard labor into placing the studs in a perfect blue, white, blue, white pattern. Look closer and you'll notice that each crystal that's not in the eye of the swirl is lined with eight glass beads, four on each opposite side. No machine can replace a SR shoemaker's skill!

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I like the black bootie a lot more than the purple one. Why? First of all...it's purple. And it's a freaking bright variation that screams "PRINCE". In fact, the color of the pump is called "Prince". Ah yes...the artist formerly known as Prince...the epitome of purple. However, if I had a stroke of luck and somehow received this pair of heels, I would totally wear them. I commend these shoes for that gorgeous toe; the swirl of studs is not as apparent in the back of the pump but the swirl on the toe looks beautiful. And the crystals are white! Feet tend to look better in pumps rather than ankle boots anyway. I never wore an ankle boot or seen one up close (yes...it's sad) but I'm guessing that the boot only looks good from the side; not so much from the toe or the top of the shoe. Stilettos, however, look good from all sides!

Both these pairs of shoes are still being sold on the Sergio Rossi website and the prices have been marked down, not that they're cheap now. I've never owned a pair of high heels (back problems, y'see). My first set of heels will be a quality designer pair but right now, I'd rather spend a grand on a DSLR. The bootie is sold out in my size anyway but if yours is available, you can get a pair for the reduced price of $1,159. The pumps are a few hundred dollars cheaper at $829 a pair. So get your pair before they end up at *GASP* a warehouse sale! Or you can wait until then. Good luck finding the shoe that fits, though.

Photo: sergiorossi.com

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Launch (with the help of Coco)

Here's my third Blogger. The first one emphasized my photography and ended within half a year, the extremely short-lived second Blogger emphasized my Beatles-related revelations (but it didn't get past my one and only post about my great respect for John Lennon). I've never been a fan of Blogger since I have little freedom to change my blog's layout unless I know plenty about HTML and how to use CSS, which I don't. Blogger makes me all frustrated and angry...

So here's another shot to actually keep a blog going (I have a personal Xanga that I've been actively using since 7th grade but that's totally different, sorta). I'll post my fashion musings that I can't share with others around me. I mean, I don't know many people who keep up with designer fashion. I've lived in a Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle/surfer wear-plagued SoCal suburb all my life. Not counting the first seven years. The only garments I cared about back then were my ugly-ass uniform clothes and my pretty Made in China summer dress.

To help me start my blog, here's fashion's newly red-headed Coco Rocha giving a bunch of her best poses.

That brilliant girl! The way she moves reminds me of the gymnastic routines from last summer's Olympic games. So quick, so eloquent!

Banner image: Vogue Italia January 2007. Editorial: Live on the Web. Photography: Steven Meisel. Model: Coco Rocha