Monday, December 28, 2009

Too Cool For Winter

Resort collections are released at the strangest time...they're well-suited for those living below the equator but residents of the Northern Hemisphere better bundle up in between the winter and spring seasons.  Looking at Jonathan Saunder's colorful cruise collection for 2010, I can't imagine wearing much of it around this time of the year, even in "sunny" Los Angeles (there's an overcast today, by the way).  But once spring comes around I would totally want to jump into each piece. The graphics seem so full of life, perfect for when the winter gloom alleviates and flowers begin to bloom.  These Pucci-esque prints are edgy, explosive, and too cool for Rachel Zoe.

Chiffon was layered over silk for the dress to the left and sort of give the graphics a dizzy depth.  And we can pretty much confirm that tie-dye will be trendy this spring.

Much of this collection looks quite casual and even the gowns are imbued with hints of easiness and youth.  Bright colors disrupt the simplicity of these dresses and lend something unique to what could easily be dull.

Saunders seems like a master of color as I am reminded of his brilliant Target collaboration (with stuff that did not sell out in a day).  I bought a couple of deeply discounted pieces, including an ethereal blue ombre halter top, from the collab after a few months of its release.  Ombre once again appears in this cruise collection with a modern artsy twist.  A block of light blue and purple stands out against the dark blue dress on the left.  And on the right, a sliver of black jersey is juxtaposed aside three stacked tie-dyed blocks. I know that a lot of designers consider the body's shape when they create clothes and sure the colored blocks might give the illusion of a skinnier body frame, but the graphics seem to speak for themselves rather than for the wearer.

Images: Fashion Forward,, Net-a-Porter


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ugh; I love these prints. Stunning.

אדוה&לימור said...

great blog love your style :)

lacee swan said...

love that last tshirt dress. amazing.