Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here Comme The Beatles

Sorry, I couldn't help myself from making that very lame pun.  Who would've thought that avant-garde fashion house Comme des Garçons would join forces with Apple Corp., the corporation that handles affairs involving the most popular and revered band in history (a.k.a the best ever)?  Whatever prompted designer Rei Kawakubo's genius to clash my favorite band, The Beatles, I was excited to hear it was happening!  Then photos of the collaboration were released and I wasn't blown away.  Of course, I'd still wear everything.  An asymmetrical Beatles x Comme handbag might feel awkward under my shoulder and would definitely attract some stares, but I'm sporting the Apple Corp. logo, so I'd still feel cool.

These shirts are styled like PLAY by Commes des Garçons tees, really simple with minimal graphics and emphasizing clean, readable text.  Are they worth the price of 200 Euros each?  Not at all...I'm more than happy with the $20 to $30 graphic tees available at The Beatles' online shop (but I get can get them discounted at my go-to store for official Beatles wear in San Diego).

And finally, the long sleeved button-ups.  I thought these were coats at first but thank goodness they're not, because that apple print is just way too ostentatious for outerwear.  The dots and apples look super cute on a collared shirt, though!  Too bad I can't afford any of this...but really, what Beatles fan would spend so much on clothing rather than on albums and memorabilia?  I can't think of any Beatlemaniac who would, so this collaboration is a little pointless, but at least this gives me a chance to talk about The Beatles AND fashion at the same time.


Louela said...

Looooove your blog!!

Amy said...

Love those t-shirts! Your blog is awesome, btw!


M said...

maybe the target of this collab are Beatles older fans or fans who's sense of style sends them to hives at the though of wearing graphic t's so they would naturally gravitate towards the shirts or the bags

K8 said...

ha, I'm sure there's some Beatles fans out there with that kind of money. I mean honestly, who doesn't like the Beatles, rich and poor. I mean you're definitely paying for the logo here, but pretty sweet nonetheless.

Fashion X

-h said...

hmm interesting collaboration. the bags are pretty cool.