Thursday, December 17, 2009

Film Stills, Starring Daul Kim

The March 2009 issue of Velvet magazine provides a bittersweet reminder of the talented late Daul Kim and her amazing modeling work.  Titled 'Lui & Lei, oriente e occidente' (Him & Her, East and West), this editorial re-imagines film noir with an Eastern twist.  Photographer Azim Haidaryan's captures these dreamy scenes à la Cindy Sherman (if her Film Stills set wasn't limited to self-portraits), freezing the models in the moment of a dramatic and slightly uncomfortable meeting, complete with smoky lighting and moody shadows.

It all kind of reminds me of a Chinese drama...except it's set at a Vietnamese restaurant.  And at least one of the two models is Korean.  And were those wrap dresses inspired by Japanese kimonos??

Delving deeper into this beautiful editorial, I realized that Daul's seductive, mysterious character matched the old Dragon Lady stereotype made famous through slightly racist films in the early 20th century.  Nothing like Asian American Studies to make me think twice about anything with Asian references.  Perhaps this was all intentional?  Like an ill-informed Westerner's interpretation of Asia?
Nevertheless, this is a really romantic editorial, not surprisingly from an Italian magazine.

Speaking of Asia, my cousin just left for China a few hours ago.  I gave her a list of magazines to get me but does anyone know of some great finds (preferably cheap in US dollars) that can be found in Guangzhou or Hong Kong?

Images: shely of tFS


Dear Karl said...

This shoot is so not Daul, nonetheless any work with her in it at this point has such a stake for me. Thankks for sharing

✿ e m i r i said...

I always wondered why designers decided to call those kimono-inspired shirts "kimonos". what will they call the silky robes then?