Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jetsetting It Bags

How does Samsonite create such smart but chic totes and luggage?  Many of us are familiar with this popular label...especially frequent flyers (you can't go to an airport without seeing a Samsonite suitcase).  But did you know of Samsonite's soon-to-be-discontinued Black Label?

not to scale...I think

Pity that their luxurious goods will have to go, but ideeli works miracles and brings what you thought was out of season back on the market for a limited time. Black Label emphasized quality and style in their surprisingly sensible products, large enough for your personal belongings that you absolutely must bring on your trips.  As you can tell in the image above, Black Label's baggage aren't always flashy, but it will stand out among the hoard of generic-styled luggage coming down the conveyor belt. 

Some of Samsonite Black Label's products are the results of collaborations with top designers.  Viktor & Rolf, anyone?  Their houndstooth printed, bow-embellished luggage satisfies the girly girl in me.  If you're not into loud colors, the design duo also created pieces in solid black.  The bow, pleats, and gold clasp remain as hints of vintage femininity.

One day, I will own this suitcase.  At least when I get a job and a reason to buy a suitcase.  This slightly gothic product came from Black Label's collaboration with Alexander McQueen.  The ribcage exterior will turn heads as it rolls through the airport and even the zippers have a touch of McQueen.  Literally!  His thumbprints are imprinted into the zipper tab!  Ready to own these luggage items now?  The ideeli Samsonite Black Label sale, which starts on Friday, 12PM EST, is offering these products at up to 77% off, with prices starting at $264Click here to join ideeli and make sure to check those luggage restrictions next time you're flying!

P.S. If you've got a good eye, you may have noticed that my invitation link for ideeli has changed...that's alright, though!  You'll still be redirected to the ideeli site where you can sign up for membership.


✿ e m i r i said...

OMG. i did not know we had the 4 wheel 360 rolling suitcase available in america! i thought those were only available in asia!!!

now i have to get one (some day).

AsianCajuns(Lauren) said...

Ooo thanks so much for letting us know about this sale! I've always dreamed about traveling with samsonite luggage (ooo McQueen droooooool), but I'm always busy trying to save for traveling and forget to set aside a quarter of the funds for luggage- hahaha!

ps- thanks for the sweet comment on our blog!

Melissa~ said...

I love samsonite, they have the most amazing things.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

One day I might have Goyard luggage...that would be awesome.

Coco said...

With a suitcase like that, it would be impossible to mix it up at the airport. Pretty sure I need one. haha.