Thursday, November 26, 2009

Essie Obsession

To all the Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you have been enjoying this holiday inside a warm and cozy space with a roof over your head.  I've developed a fever but luckily, I don't have school so I get to sleep in and not have to do anything that might prolong the illness (except homework).  Anyway when I got home yesterday, I painted my nails, which I rarely do.  But as a kid, I was obsessed with nail lacquer (not to mention their clever names...OPI must have professional polish namers.  Watch this video of Ellen Degeneres and you'll see) and everytime I went to a store that had nail polish in stock, I would leave the shop with at least one bottle containing some strange color.  I gave up nail color for years and now, I'm revisiting my obsession, thanks to Essie's gorgeous and playful matte colors.  The lacquer dries quickly and stays on super long, so I think it's worth the $8 per bottle.

It all started with discovering Essie's beautiful pastel blue Sag Harbor shade from an article by The Cut.  Unfortunately, Sag Harbor has been discontinued but I kept discovering more covetable Essie colors.  After seeing a classmate wear a light sakura petal pink on her nails, I bought a bottle of Fiji.  I messily painted on a countless number of coats, causing my nails to look like they were smothered in bubblegum flavored toothpaste.  I'm terrible at painting my own nails, by the way.  My aunt painted her nails with the same color and it turned out really opaque after two coats.

I then got into the hype over Chanel's Jade nail lacquer and found Mint Candy Apple, a much cheaper alternative from Essie after the limited edition Chanel polish sold out.  While listening to a few independent writers read their poetry, I creepily eyed a girl's lilac nails.  I asked her what was shade she was wearing and she said it was called St. Lucia Lilac.  Not surprised at all that it was an Essie color.  I had a coupon in hand when I bought the polish, along with a very blue Mesmerized.  The cashier didn't tell me that I could've gotten a third color for free, lame.  Especially since I bought Mint Candy Apple a couple of weeks later.

Blocking my germs from you.

St. Lucia Lilac is currently on my nails and I actually think it's the perfect color for me!  It's a very light purple, but it's subtle, almost a gray color.  Unlike Fiji, St. Lucia Lilac isn't a drastic contrast next to my tan-ish skin.  So YAY for finally finding a color that suits me!

Okay, time for a little Thanksgiving/Black Friday treat...or a few.  Though I'm a bargain hunter, I'm not the kind of person to go crazy on Black Friday.  I remember last year, all I bought was a shirt for my secret Santa...recipient?  This Thanksgiving, I'm sick, so who knows if I'll even want to step outside the house tomorrow.  In the comfort of my home, however, I can share a few deals with you.

1. ideeli - Red sales with discounts up to 90% off, featuring brands like Escada, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, and Viktor & Rolf.  Free shipping on Cyber Monday!
2. Figs & Ginger (Read about them) - 35% off coupon code: NoShip09
3. - 10% off everything
4. Figleaves - 20% off everything
5. Threadless - All tees for just $9!
6. Magazine Cafe - 5% discount with coupon code: Thanks
7. Free People - Free shipping until Monday

And of course, you can't forget that $3 toaster at Target!  I can taste the burnt toast already!





Annie said...

I adore Essie too. The colors are so great.

Stephanie said...


FashionXK8 said...

I have an off and on relationship with nail polish as well. I wish I could always have my nails painted because I love the way it looks but I'm a swimmer and chlorine reeks havoc on my nails every time I swim which is several times a week. Its kind of futile. Lovely colors though, do you think that Essie would withstand chlorine better than other nail polishes?