Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daul Kim - An Unforgettable Personality

I seriously can not believe that Daul Kim has passed.  Yes, the Korean model blatantly confessed that at times, she felt depressed but I didn't think she was suicidal.  Her death is especially sad because she was only 20 years old.  Daul seemed to be in good health, which means she either died of suicide or murder.  I can't stand to think of how horrific her death must have been and what her family and friends are going through right now. After seeing an update on Asian Models Blog about Daul, I had to read the headline over again.  Literally, I started shaking...weird, right?  I've never even known her but she just seemed so alive.  How could death hit her so soon?

Daul with Phillip Lim at his newly opened store in Seoul

Change of pace here...I remember finding her site, I Like to Fork Myself, via bunnyBISOUS and getting really excited that an actual fashion model BLOGGED!  I had never heard of that and I thought the fashion blogosphere was exclusively for fashion admirers, not the people who actively participated within fashion (editors, casting directors, models, etc).  Anyway I started reading Daul's blog and I was extremely confused by her e. e. cummings-esque sentence structures.  Sometimes, I couldn't understand her posts but other times, I totally got what she was trying to convey. You would think a model would only blog about frivolous fashion things, but Daul wrote posts about the latest book she read, her favorite music, and many many times, her emotions. She seemed to jot down her thoughts as they naturally I learned a lot about who Daul was just by reading her blog.

Immediately, I knew that this gal was unlike ANY model.  She seemed very confident in herself and wasn't afraid to express her love for...whatever she loved.  For example:
i love
trance music




all the other genres
I admit that post made me want to hold on tight to my Beatles while rocking back and forth in a corner, but that shows you how strong-minded Daul was.  I got a glimpse of her fun side as well through the Model Diaries she recorded for New York Magazine's Cut Blog:

"I probably predict that you can't even spell success."  HAHA. Daul's deadpan humor is amazing...and I got to hear Siri and Kasia's voice for the first time!

DAUL WAS SO FUNNY.  Oh, I felt kind of dumb when I didn't know who Tolstoy was (I knew War and Peace, though!).  But oh my gosh, when she talked about American waiters and how much they just "SUCK", I cracked up!  And now, a year after I watched this video diary, I still sometimes catch myself doing that little eyebrows thing that she did...thanks, Daul.

She lived her few years of life to the fullest, but with her talent and unique personality, I can't help but think of what else she could have accomplished.  Rest in peace, Daul.


✿ e m i r i said...

No way. She could not have committed suicide. A great person like that doesn't need to (not that I knew her or anything).

"Here I tip for what? They suck! Everybody sucks."
That is so true. I don't think I've ever tipped in Japan. EVER.

Now I wish I had a cell phone that has really good pixels. :/ Just have to wait two more years till an upgrade discount...

& now every time you do the eyebrow thing, I can laugh with you :)

Andrea said...

i remember reading her blog... so tragic. i wish i could still see it.