Friday, October 2, 2009

MFW, IMO: We Do Care About the Young Folks

So I kind of forgot how much time school work can take up.  I also forgot that being in school gives me that feeling like I am being watched by everyone.  Anyway, before classes get too intense, I'll finish up this review of Milan Fashion Week.  I know Paris Fashion Week started already, but let's reminisce! Spring fashion seems to be getting increasingly youthful but Milan was really where we saw splashes of color, with the exceptions of Bottega Veneta and Jil Sander...and possibly more.  But next season is definitely going to be the antithesis of dreariness.

I LOVE the beachy prints in the Prada collection (the photographs were actually taken in the Japan's man-made Seagaia Ocean Dome)...when it comes to my style, there's really nothing I love more than wearing a beautiful work of art.  The blue and yellow gradient overlay enhances the warm feelings you get when you see photos of the you're actually there!  Though we all know Prada as a grown-up collection, the label's spring collection includes pieces to please women and young adults.  The first silver ensembles that walked the runway were fit for the office while the shorter cut pieces were more casual and streetworthy...a bit too nice for the beach, though.  Two very different environments in which one collection merges with eloquence.  What else from the Prada show am I loving?  The models' glossy, plump vermillion lips and those plastic sunglasses!

I love it when designers take a theme and really incorporate it into their collection so much that the theme is quite blatant, yet it is blended into the clothes so beautifully.  Tomas Maier was oddly inspired by karate outfits for Bottega Veneta, obvious with those tied fabric belts, white hairbands, and wrapped apparel.

I'm currently a fan of pale color palettes so I love all the clean whiteness in here.  But fear not, color lovers; pops of bright hues appear here and there (especially in the last evening gowns shown).  Knits were prevalent but chiffon also showed up in some feminine pieces.  Oh my gosh, and the clustered beautiful.  What about the coveted Intrecciato bag?  They resemble straw baskets, perfectly matching those woven wedges.

The models who walked in the Jil Sander show looked like they were forced to wear oversized men's suits but got so fed up with the frumpy fabrics that they rolled up their sleeves and cinched the waist.  I would definitely wear those business suit-like ensembles as well as that bizarre...erm...dress.  Sorry, nothing in my vocabulary can sufficiently describe that dress's shedding fabric sort of thingy. The metallic wrapping paper dresses were a bit out of place in this collection but they were interesting.  Lady Gaga and other attention seekers (just kidding!!!) will love them.

Another musical artist who might want a piece of this collection is Björk; for some reason, those sheer dresses remind me of her infamous swan outfit.

1. I'm usually not one for Karl Lagerfeld's designs (*GASP*, I know) but I love Fendi's light and airy pieces.  Sheerness is in there, as expected, but at least the models wore frilly undergarments to cover their you know what. The sex factor is suppressed by all those pastel colors and the pieces' relaxed quality, ready-to-wear, indeed. Not at all vulgar or as I would word it, "slutty".  Even with those lucite platforms, Fendi remains classy.

2. Love Pollini's mock denim, but then again I am partial to graphic apparel.

3. Marni is known for its patterned apparel but all the mashed-up patterns and colors for spring make an awkward collection.  But the ensembles got less and less mixy matchy as the show continued.  My favorites included the sheer floral dresses and graphic sweaters.

4. I usually search for Ferragamo shoes, not clothes.  But wow...this outfit is stunning.  I'm in love with the coat's silhouette.

5. Flat shoes spotted at Prada and Giorgio Armani (and back in New York...Marc Jacobs)!  And not just any type of flat shoe...SANDALS!  Great for those of us who get back aches (along with other aches) when our heels are lifted. Would you believe that I don't own a pair of heels?

Trends Observed: Lucite heels, relaxed silhouettes, flat shoes (thank goodness)

Hope I didn't miss anything, other than Versace (really nice collection but not my type of thing).

In other news, I'm getting sick, which might explain the terrible sentence structures in this post.  Being in San Diego where the H1N1 flu (or what I begrudgingly call "swine flu") is spreading rapidly, I should hope that this is nothing to rest up.

Images: (picture of Iekeliene was saturated by me...those photos really need to be more saturated),, Coutorture


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

The coral shoe-number 1 is AMAZING! Everyone needs this in their life...
Nice post, hope you don't get ill.
Love TBAG.x

✿ e m i r i said...

aaah i hope you don't get the flu!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Great coverage. That first picture of Iekliene is so wonderful!

karnivalism said...

do love your blog.

and those fendi shoes in coral.