Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guess My Costume

Spooky Saturday greetings!  Many of you are already getting into your costumes and having the candy ready for the neighborhood kids.  Or maybe you've already completed your Halloween festivities!  It's still 4:30PM in Pacific Time so all I've really done for Halloween today was prepare my hair for my costume.  Here are parts of my ensemble for tonight...guess my alter-ego for today!

Stella McCartney x H&M mandarin collar jacket and vintage black dress pants.

My aunt's old (and dirty) ankle boots.  I couldn't find the exact style of boots I wanted, so I had to take the closest option.

Super side part! My hair is really bugging me right now...the things I have to put up with for Halloween.  I'm going to pin the rest of my hair up later.

The winner gets sweet dreams tonight!

Banner image: Fashion Gone Rogue ("Tim Burton's Tricks & Treats" by Tim Walker, Harper's Bazaar October 2009)

Answer: I was a Beatle!  Probably John Lennon circa 1965 because his bangs were long back then.  I was still quite girly-looking so most people thought I was supposed to be a businesswoman...hopefully I can redeem myself next year.


✿ e m i r i said...

well i was gonna say michael jackson, but i don't remember having him side parts.... idk :/

Lesley said...

I have no idea! Put us out of our misery and tell us please! :-) I'm sure you looked super cute!