Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reverting My Attention Back to Fall...With Graphic Scarves

Since I'm sure I can condense my take on Milan Fashion Week into one post, here's a break from all the spring/summer hullabaloo.  Let's not forget that the autumnal equinox was just a few days ago and that we need to prepare ourselves for chilly weather (though temperatures in LA are still reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Scarves are meant to keep our necks warm, but these accessories are infinitesimally useful and come in many shapes and can tie a square scarf around your head during a bad hair day or quickly wrap one around your neck in a loose manner for a quick fashion fix!  If you've ever coveted an Hermès scarf, you'll know that these large squares of silk are big enough to print beautiful graphics on.  Take Lin Beeser's creations for a more whimsical example. 

When these scarves are tied around the neck, they seem to have Balenciaga-esque tribal prints.  But when you open them up, you'll find that these tasseled neck warmers are displays of cute, colorful, and silly takes on scenes of nature.  Nothing like a smiling blue mountain to brighten up your day!

If you're more of a traditionalist, or you're just not into cartoon graphics, Christian Lacroix's scarves may be a slightly cheaper alternative to those pricey Hermès accessories.  The graphics on Lacroix's silk squares vary but they always have a hand-painted look. Whether they really are hand-painted, I don't know, but no matter, these scarves are undeniably beautiful.  Lacroix scarves can retail for over $200 (compared to $500 Hermès scarves) but I once found a great Christian Lacroix sale on ideeli with scarves for under $100 (and that's how I got these pictures, heh).

Images: Eddie Newton of Stylesightings...well, he WAS in charge of Stylesightings, I'm not to sure what happened but visit his awesome new site,, Barneys New York, ideeli


✿ e m i r i said...

omg the cartoon graphics are so cute!

Krissy said...

What a gorgeous collection of scarves! There's so much pretty in this post, I don't know what to do with myself. Love the first Christian Lacroix one you posted. It's like art!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Adore the black scarf with the hot pink flashes.
Great blog.
Love TBAG.x

StylePicks said...

Nice scarves