Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NYFW, IMO, Part 1: Alex Wang's "Perv" Collection, Siriano Impresses, & More!

When Alexander Wang's spring 2010 collection popped up on, I thought "Ohhh, so that's what he meant by 'perv'."  While some of the clothing was cut to reveal plenty of skin, I found the "underwear as outerwear" theme more prevalent.  If this conservative blogger could afford Wang's collection, she still wouldn't wear too much of it.  But honestly, every look that came down the runway was fascinating IN A GOOD SENSE.  I loved the color palette with those greys, browns, and reds.  And I've always liked jersey knits...don't know why, maybe because all my clothes that are made of jersey are my favorite to wear at home.  Perhaps Alexander should haveve slowed down when he told Women's Wear Daily that he wanted to create "timeless" and "investment" pieces this season.  The puffy silhouettes for sweaters, shorts, and dresses wouldn't flatter many people but as I recall one person say about the Chanel SS07 sequined hot pants in a video, "they're fun to look at."  I was kind of reminded of those commercials featuring kids in their underwear with shirts wrapped around their neck as capes, but overall, this collection is a job well done.
And now for some other bits of Fashion Week...

1. Who knew that Christian Siriano would stay "successful" two years after he won Project Runway?  Here he is garnering fans with his oceanic prints and and beautifully draped dresses. I'm not sure whether his shoes for Payless will sell, though.  My idea of a Payless shopper (from observing many of them in my family) is a low income woman who is looking for semi-decent looking, but overall comfortable shoes.  Siriano's taloned shoes are interesting, but comfortable?  Doesn't seem like it...and that corn on the model's foot doesn't make the shoes look any more appealing.

2. Most large frames don't fit my face because the bridge of my nose is so small, a common facial feature in Asians. But I was glad to see a picture of Chinese model Du Juan donning those glamorous Jason Wu glasses on the runway.  Wu partnered with Modo eyewear to create the shades, featuring gradient lens paired with slightly angular frames.

3. Hello, Marc Jacobs.  We all anticipate your collection every season, you know that.  But of all the pieces, I love your white transparent dress the most.  It's like you took out a pencil, scribbled in the air, and POOF came this dress!

4. AGH!  Bare midriffs, what are you doing in Thakoon??  I guess I'll just ignore that bit for now, this collection has more important things to those GORGEOUS prints!  Nude and light blue are perfect for each other!

Trends Observed: Bare midriffs, Colorful swirled prints

Lots more updates to come and I'll be checking up on even more of my Fashion Week predictions.

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✿ e m i r i said...

I like your 3rd description. It really does look like he scribbled it in air.

Jowy said...

Freaking amazing shoes:Christian Siriano fierce as evah!

One Love,

Sabrina said...

i love alexander wang new collection!especially the shoes!they are amazing!!

also the Siriano's shoes are too much!!they are incredible!!lovely blog <3

let's check my blog during milan fashion week I'll post streetstyle's photos!!!