Thursday, September 24, 2009

LFW, IMO. Part 2: Finding the Gems

Who watched the Burberry Prorsum show live (or at least the online live stream)??  *raises hand*  I hope you did, too!  I actually woke up an hour prior to the actual showing and I WAS a bit tired.  To be honest, I liked just a few of the pieces, not everything.  The ruching was beautiful but that iconic Burberry trench isn't exactly my cup of tea.  Great construction and all, but the mummified versions of the trench weren't entirely innovative (I know MANY people would disagree).  Still, I loved the milky colors and the silky textures of the pieces that came towards the end of the show.  The leather belts add just a touch of edge that's needed to balance out all that femininity. (sidenote: Garance Doré said in her blog that the Burberry Prorsum saw many bloodied fingers due to their sharp metal invitations...)

Though I wasn't enthralled by Nathan Jenden's collection, I commend him for having a full cast of ethnic models, reminding us that you don't have to be a light-haired Caucasian to be model-worthy.

Call me conservative but I feel that many of the Christopher Kane ensembles are awkward-looking, especially the ones that draw attention to the mid-section. The thigh-flattering dresses strangely remind me of Japanese loincloths.  But I love the last floral dresses that evoked fancy Chinese gowns, though noted that Kane's inspirations included Lolita and religious cults.  No wonder the collection is slightly disturbing.

Trends Observed: Short short short hems, abstract graphics

Yup, that's my two cents on LFW (for now)!  I hope Milan will host some exciting shows.

In other news, I tried on a pair of those supposedly amazing Always Skinny 1969 Premium Gap jeans (the same ones Anja Rubik wears in the campaign).  The size 25 pair (lowest size they've got) fit my waist perfectly but um, as you can see in the photo, my legs didn't fill the jeans up.  So Gap jeans are not that amazing on everyone, FYI.

Party Hat by Jeff Koons, 1995-1997.

Turned the awkward age of 19 yesterday!

Images:, my own photo, Jeff Koons' website


✿ e m i r i said...

The way burberry made that scrunched/swirled thing is interesting... but I'm not that interested into scrunched clothes.

haha, that's one stylish and expensive loincloth.

Stephanie said...

gap jeans really AREN'T amazing, but lucy, i think something more like ralph lauren or calvin klein jeans would suit you in taste and size. unfortunately for probably 2 to 3 times the price for gap stuff, though. OY, maybe someday we'll all be able to get nice things that make us feel good...

Mawlee said...

LOVED Jenden's collection!

Whoever wears the Burberry Trench will look like they have no neck. I like it but not the ruffled sleeves but I guess the ruffled look is what they were going for...IDK.