Thursday, September 10, 2009

Give Me A Hint!

CLEARLY, I'm missing something.  Move-in day at my school is next week and I have yet to start packing...even with all this time I have, SOMEHOW, I never got the news that New York Fashion Week starts...well, actually it already started!  Fashion Week starts today!  I was awaiting The Cut's well-known "One Word Inspiration" post but I guess I missed it.  Every season, The Cut asks designers to give them one word that describe their upcoming collections.  And usually every season, obviously I haven't done it yet, I try to predict what will show up on the runway.  So I better start right now...

Was Lazaro and Jack inspired by the sea?  The image of their palm tree prints for Proenza Schouler's Target collection just popped into my head.  I hope the team didn't go too nautical for their collection...I doubt that they did. Maybe this collection will prepare us for the rain. (not that there will be much here in California...)

What the hell??  Is Alexander's collection inspired by PERVERTS??  Or do the clothes make people look like perverts?  I don't get it.  Perhaps there will be lots of skin-revealing looks.  Seems like a very Alex Wang thing, no?  The element of sex in this collection will probably louder than ever.

I'm not surprised with the word the Mulleavy sisters chose.  We can expect slightly deformed looks and grotesque textures again but this collection might be darker...some black and maybe some intense red.  I don't know, just maybe?

I thought some of Narciso's pieces from fall were quite structured with those wired bustiers with neck straps and that weird hat/mask.  We might see something similar with his fall collection.  Short-sleeved dresses in non-flowy geometric forms, perhaps.

I adored Phillip's fall collection...well, I like anything with rock and roll references.  We may witness some experimentation with different patterned prints and textured fabrics.  I loved last season's light sequined jacket paired with that jersey dress.  In addition, we may see lots of layering.  Mary-Kate can eat her heart out!

That's all for now, time to sleep!  You all should be sleeping as I'll need the energy for Fashion's Night Out!

Kind thanks to Coutorture for the hi-res Getty Images photos.


ryder said...

waiting for fashion weeks in europe. flying to milan and paris!

this season will be great. i almost dont know what to expect. cant wait for belmain show.

Nubiasnonsense said...

These are amazing. I love the middle peice in the Rodarte. Gorgeous.

WendyB said...

Ha ha! I want that Narciso mask for Halloween.

catherine said...

interesting, love the Alexander Wang show SS10. Good shape and wearable.