Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dreams of Ideeli

If you like jellies or if you are just mildly curious of how it feels to slip PVC on your feet, then you might like Melissa Plastic Dreams's unconventional footwear.  They're vegan, completely recyclable, and anti-bacterial!  The styles only run at an average of $25 (like the above style) on ideeli.

Purple Secret Love, $24

Yellow Melissa Sin, $24

Gold Melissa Night, $26

Pink Melissa Ultragirl, $25

Other brands being sold include Ed Hardy, L.A.M.B., Donald J. Pliner, and Vince Camuto.  The sale lasts for two more days, so hurry to ideeli, click here to be invited to the sale!


yiqin; said...

The yellow ones are so cute!

pixelhazard said...

I'm with yiqin, the yellow ones are great. My jelly sandals always scuff really quickly

Aya Smith said...

Those first sandals are just perfect! I;m not too often into sandals, but those I think I would wear...

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Melissa jellies are fab! =]
Thanks for the comment. The Luella headband and hairclip cost around £45 and £40 each. So kinda expensive for a single hair accessorie (says they girl who spent £120 on a Miu Miu one but then I'm a headband freak!) but not too bad to save up for a treat. :) Hope I helped, I don't know about USD.

Florrie x