Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Caps For Sale (No Monkey Business Here)

Need to put a lid on?  Sun shinin' down a little too hard on ya?  I'm selling a couple of hats I bought from a Stussy sample sale at my school last October (yes, I went to a Stussy sample sale...).  I purchased the hats in the middle of my John Lennon hat craze...will blog about the Lennon hat later...but I didn't try anything on and there was no mirror around. When I got back to my dorm, I found that I couldn't wear the caps in that Lennon fashion.

I'm selling these on my blog FIRST for you blog readers (and anyone else who reads this...), leaving them up for grabs for 4-5 days (probably until Saturday early morning, Pacific Time) and after that, anything unsold will be auctioned on eBay.  I'll include the eBay link here, too, just in case you found this post a little too late.  As a special plus for you readers, shipping is FREE for anyone in the United States. Once these hats are on eBay, shipping costs will apply.  International buyers will pay a small shipping fee.  I'll keep it as low as possible!

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New without tag, only wore this to try it on (don't worry, I'm lice-free).  Stussy Deluxe. One size fits most with the adjustable strap in the back of the cap.  The hat was originally bought with some lint on it, as it was stored in a box with other hats.  Lid has a small tag that reads "Stussy".  Plaid inner lining.

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New with tag, and I only tried it on once.  Black and white patterned newsboy cap with a black button on top.  Fabric tag doesn't show size or style (probably because this is a sample) but the hat appears to be made of wool (except for the cloth inner lining) and measures 60 cm in circumference (about 24 inches).  Since the hat is roomy, it can comfortably fit many sizes, from small to large.

$12 for each hat, FREE SHIPPING!  Paypal only, please!

Readers-exclusive sale is now CLOSED.  Head over to my eBay page to bid on these hats.
Black Cap with Adjustable Strap
Black and White Newsboy Cap
Starting price: $8.99  Shipping: $3
Be the winning bidder of BOTH hats and the second hat receives FREE SHIPPING!

Questions?  Need more pictures?  It's a miracle that my old point-and-shoot camera even focused under room lighting.  Just leave a comment with your inquiry and your e-mail address.  If your comment includes your e-mail, it won't appear on my blog so no worries, spammers won't get you.

P.S. Remember this book?  Yeah...good ol' Reading Rainbow.

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