Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hurry before Pangaea splits...

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Wow, I just found out that Space 15 Twenty's current Pangaea Pop-Up won't be around for much longer.   The 30,000 sq. foot concept store from Urban Outfitters is a relatively new Hollywood hotspot that provides free entertainment to the public and collaborates with local designers and artists in rotation for exhibits and sales.

Now is an especially good time to drop by the space because their current pop-up shop which boasts an interesting array of statement jewelry, stuff you'd expect hipsters to wear.  What got me so excited was that my favorite jewelry brand Deka Ray was among the Pangaea brands!  Designer Eugenie Huang is a MIT and Columbia alum, holding bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture, but she started to craft jewelry as a little girl.  Her educational background truly shows through her work with all those geometric pieces, featured on United Bamboo's runway.  Expect big things from the offbeat online Deka Ray shop is set to launch soon!

Pangaea is only here until August 20-ish (anyone know the actual date?), when the warehouse will be making room for the Sophomore pop-up.  Here are pictures from the Space 15 Twenty pop-up accompanied by some more detailed shots of Eugenie's awesome work:

The pop-up's displays reminded me of the vendor booths at Renegade Craft Fair.  It would've been cool if all the jewelry dangled from the strings.

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From the "Outland" series, made with laser-cut wood and perspex. Inspirations: north carolina woods/ ken russell's era films/ art nouveau represented/ syd mead

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The rings and earrings are so dainty and cute!  I love stackable versatile!  Multiply collection's inspirations: laurel wreaths/ roman jewelry/ wings/ ravens/ fish scene in 'yellow submarine'

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A few other pieces, including barrettes, from the Outland collection and the futuristic "Deathstar" collection. Inspirations: star wars/ bucky fuller/ current and mid-century manifestations of surfacing in architecture/ edwin abbot/ brownian motion/ fragments

By the way I don't own any Deka Ray jewelry, but I reallyreally wish I did.  If you want to get your hands on Deka Ray jewelry but you don't live around Hollywood, check out Revolve Clothing, Gargyle, and Kabiri.

Images:, Space 15 Twenty's Flickr, Revolve Clothing, Things We Heart, Gen Art Pulse, Gargyle,, Kabiri, Refinery29


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, I want it all. Especially that arrow ring.

✿ e m i r i said...

not sure if you might be interested, but i thought i should send this to you before i delete it from my e-mail. :)

i hope that opens (>_<)

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Interesting stuff. Unique.