Friday, August 7, 2009

Five surprises from Target

It's refreshing to see new displays at Target, not counting the time those Hayden-Harnett bags were cleared from the accessories department (that was a sad day). Yay for even more chances to save!

1. Daily Deals
This Woot!-like feature (it even has a nonsensical little passage about the featured product) is only available online but shipping is FREE! All the fashion-related discounted items, each on sale for just 24 hours, are things you can expect to be sold on lesser-known private sale websites. I remember seeing a Skagen watch, a pair of mens' Lucky Jeans, and most recently, Dolce and Gabbana shades.  Be patient because we may be seeing better products listed soon!

2. Simone Legno for Target school supplies
Legno, of course, is the guy behind those super kawaii tokidoki designs!  I was a bit taken aback when I saw what seemed to be cheapo rip-off tokidoki products at Target.  But then I read the display above the products and I realized that Legno himself collaborated with Target. 
Didn't change my mind about the cheapy look, though.  Simone even gave names and personalities to all the Targetdoki (heh?) characters he illustrated!  What a creative mind, but that's going to make us miss the characters once the collabo collection is gone.  By the way, watch the video of Simone on the Target site...he's quite cool.

3. Paul Frank for Target
If you browse through the Target website, you'll find a little icon of Julius, the monkey mascot of Paul Frank and my former favorite label back when I was a teeny high school freshman.  For now, Paul Frank is AFFORDABLE.  Forget $20 PF shirts from PacSun, get one for $10 from Target!  You can expect the usual set of Paul Frank stuff -- simple shirts with an odd picture of Julius on the chest, jackets covered with Julius and Friends, oh and bikes, of course. None of the products from this collabo are way too exciting, but you know what IS exciting?  PAUL FRANK FOR TARGET. Enough said.  Just stay on the look-out for that while you're shopping for shampoo and stuff.

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3. Essie nail varnish
MUST. SUPPRESS. NAIL POLISH OBSESSION.  Actually, I'm not so much into fumy polish (who is?) as I am with their colors.  Essie's matte polish really impressed me when I saw a little Cut Blog feature on the very pretty Sag Harbor shade.  Because Essie isn't exactly a cheapo brand, I was surprised when I found the brand's products (only ranging from pink to red) above the Sally Hansen polishes.  Drugstore nail polishes are usually so shimmery...the huge prevalence of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish got me tired of glitter.  So I embrace solid shades and Essie's pastels are refreshing.  They're chalky, but subtle and unusually beautiful.  I'm in love with the Fiji color which I just HAD to test on my thumbnail.  It's been three weeks and the drop of pastel pink is cracked, but still there! A bottle of Essie isn't cheap at $8 a pop but it isn't expensive compared to Chanel lacquer.

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I tried to look excited...

4. Clear bubble umbrellas
What? I like them!  Though they're not very good for sunny weather (shading yourself from sunshine with an umbrella isn't just an Asian thing, right?).  My local Target didn't sell these umbrellas before so as you can see from my frightening photo I was very pleased to find them!  I didn't buy got me a Wal-Mart umbrella already.

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Jowy said...


One Love,

✿ e m i r i said...

NO WAY! PAUL FRANK! I was just about go find a shirt at macy's since my (one and only) paul frank t-shirt is getting old. (the fabric is so thin that i think it might rip the next time i put it in the washer) gotta go see target now :)

you know, i was so sad to find out that the 100 yen clear umbrellas from 6 years ago became 500 yen last year. ): so i didn't get one.