Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quoth the Kaiser, "Nevermore"

I should be more specific.  Karl Lagerfeld didn't REALLY say "nevermore" after he heard that Audrey Tautou, the star of Chanel No. 5's short film as well as the recent acclaimed movie Coco avant Chanel, said the following when asked if she wears the label during a Premiere interview:
“Sometimes. This morning, I wore the rain boots.
She could've said "All the time," but at least she's honest, right?  Well, this is how Karl responded:
“I didn’t even know we made rain boots.  After that, I don’t have to be nice.
Ouchies. He didn't end there; Karl went on to comment that Spanish actress Penélope Cruz would be a more fitting face for Chanel than French gal Audrey Tautou.  The head designer for Chanel wasn't involved in either projects Tautou played roles in so I'm guessing that the Kaiser and Tautou don't really even speak to each other, let alone have a friendly relationship.

I'm a bit confused as to why Karl said "I don't have to be nice."  Is it because the Chanel collection supposedly never included rain boots?  Or is it just that Audrey Tautou sometimes wears Chanel rather than always?  Or maybe it was that Audrey didn't give the label enough praise...

Whatever the reason, I tend to do lots of research when someone tells me a "fact" that seems questionable.  And when I find out that a people are wrong, especially condescending people, I like to rub in their faces.  So don't recall any Chanel rain boots?

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was on sale at Bergdorf's for $192, down from $275 via Madison Avenue Spy

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Anyone know which season this was from? via HubPages

Thanks WWD, for the juicy little article on fashion's favorite sharp-tongued designer.

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