Sunday, July 26, 2009

Limited edition The Selby poster on sale NOW!

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Apologies for the very brief hiatus from the blog.  I've been yoga-ing my nights away (which is a good thing, better than sitting in front of the computer for hours).  I've recently discovered that there's finally something reasonably priced at The Selby Store!  Check out Sydney based artist Jonathan Zawada's Selby collage, a mish mash of bits from The Selby's photographs.  Put the 24" x 35" (that's huge for a $25 poster!  I've bought an 8" x 10" artwork for $20 before, not counting the $8 shipping fee) up on your bleak stucco wall and claim it as "contemporary" art to impress your house guests.  Your friends will be greeted by a hairy chest, Cookie monster, shoes, shoes, and more shoes, a paper craft creation of Tom Wolfe's face, and of course, nipples.  There are only 275 signed posters available (no I don't know whether the Selbz or Zawada signed them), so buybuybuy!

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