Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best picks from 1st Annual Renegade Craft Fair in LA: Stationery

Cuteness crashes at LA! Get ready for handmade goodies that are set to sell at Renegade Craft Fair, taking place at California Market Center's 13th floor penthouse next weekend, July 11 & 12. I'm really excited for this event because this will be my first crafts fair I've attended (that is if I can make it there. I can't drive!). RCF selected over 200 artists to showcase their works to the SoCal public along with crafts orgs that are putting on demonstrations and their own little (a little hectic!) events such as screen printing workshops and clothes swaps, which I plan to participate in!

I did something crazy over two days and looked through every shop that belonged to the 200+ Renegade artists. Thaaaat's right. My computer crashed twice, but whatevs. The important thing is that all my windows have been re-opened *knocks on wood*.

I've compiled a few lists of my picks for best products and artists but I'm separating them into three different blog postings because we don't like myopia, do we? Many of the artists sell their products on, and if you know Etsy, you know that visits to the website usually end in a cuteness overload. Oh, and since all these product are made with the artists' own blood, sweat, and tears, some of these can be quite expensive! Remember you're supporting an indie artist, and with your purchase, you're basically paying for their materials...not to mention their supper!
Just to tell you all, if you like what you see but you can't reach the LA area, all the featured products are available online and Renegade Craft Fair takes place in different cities, including San Fran, Chicago, and Boston.

Clockwise, starting from banner:
In-vita Paper Studio crafts beautiful greeting cards out of 100% recycled cardstock. Though the seller does custom orders, her Nesting Dolls greeting cards ($3 each) featuring Russian phrases are a big hit!

Fomato makes the most adorable graphics...and puts them on PAPER. With story-telling pictures of talking octopi, aliens, potatoes, and other creatures, these cards are bound to make that special someone giggle. Right now, Fomato is shipping across the US for FREE with a free birthday card with every purchase for a limited time, so here's your chance at showing your THOUGHTS. BECAUSE IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. I couldn't help but make a purchase (shipping from a neighboring city!).

Poketo is probably my favorite graphic design-oriented artist. In addition to creating exclusive products for clients including The Shins, Weezer, and SFMoMA, the internationally-recognized design duo Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung sells whimsical cards, pens, and notebooks produced by a number of different artists. Op for Matryoshka cards ($3.95) when you can't gift the real thing and buy a graphic covered Travel Notebook ($24) rather than a plain ol' Moleskine.

Start teaching your kids about the birds and the bees with I Heart Guts' Sexy Reproduction System stickers ($7)!

Dee & LaLa's creations are simple and clean but über adorable. All the graphic stationery, including the featured Acorns and Kitten cards ($5.95 and $4.95 respectively) are made out of textured, "tree-free" cotton-rag paper.

Art and posters are next...

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