Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Picks from 1st Annual Renegade Craft Fair in LA: Apparel & Accessories

Ok, no excuses.  Last post of my "Best Picks from Renegade Craft Fair" series and I didn't put it up before Saturday (it is currently 33 minutes after midnight in Pacific Time).  I came back home an hour or so ago after watching Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest with my friends who both bought the DVD. That performance was insaaaaaaaane; too bad we were just little toddlers back then!

Anyway, today is the big day -- the first day of LA's first Renegade Craft Fair is TODAY, opening at 11AM at California Market Center!  You can catch the fair tomorrow on Sunday as well, but that is the last day!  I've chosen some high quality products for today's are the apparel and accessories that you must check out:

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Sarra Tang, designer for her label Hoibo, was never formally trained in fashion design and that is a bit apparent in her clothing...IN A GOOD WAY!  The Toronto resident keeps things simple, emphasizing the quality of each piece rather than showiness.  It's the little things that make her work exciting -- the gold graphic, the draped baggy shorts, the beaded neckpiece, and of course those casual, slouchy bags.  Simple, but sweet.  That model has cute really cute blue suede shoes, too.

Vie Moderne's girly flower and flapper-esque feathery accessories range from big to small and loud to subtle.  My favorite is Jillian ($18), the "practical peacock feather hair clip".  It looks SO CUTE in your hair (click the Jillian link for more pictures ft. a mannequin head) -- attractive, but not too ostentatious! If you wish to order a custom-made item, you better do it quick because Vie Moderne's custom order service on Etsy is closing on July 12!

Count on Mary Ink for organic fine jersey Threadless-esque tees. The difference between Threadless and the Etsy-featured shop is that Mary Helt and Chris Sittel, the minds behind Mary Ink, hand print all their designs.  I particularly like the colors in the Hills tee ($30), featuring a unique scoop neck.

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Seattle: home of grunge, my favorite record label Sub Pop, Fleet Foxes which is, like, the most amazing emerging band of the late 2000s...and Thea, the designer of her eponymous label Thea Starr!  Thea is just the sweetest; I emailed her after getting excited about quite a few of her high quality designs, made of authentic kimono fabric and hand-dyed silks.  She responded quickly with a couple of cutesy ^_^ emoticons in her email (can you tell she's a Japanophile?).  Depending on how elaborate her Kanzashi hair accessories are, prices range from $10-$100.  Not only does she make hair accessories but this craftswoman makes brooches, necklaces, handbags, and even bookmarks (Thea is selling that blue dotted one shown above at Renegade!).  Though Thea Starr's shop is currently closed, you can browse past creations on Flickr.

The return of Poketo, the too-cute art + design label!  In addition to stationery, Poketo sells graphic tees (also Threadless-esque!) for both guys and gals.  My favorite designs, shown above (both $28), sort of have patterns but check out the variety of shirts from the label.

That's a wrap.  Happy belated Beatles Day!  Goodnight!  And if you're headed to Renegade today or tomorrow, happy shopping!  Be excited!

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