Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Picks from 1st Annual Renegade Craft Fair in LA: Jewelry

On to my best picks for jewelry from Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles!  Who needs Tiffany's when there's a talented bunch of independent American creatives out there?  Cut gems?  Booooring...unless it's a diamond.  The trinkets you'll find at the fair come in many shapes, mostly taking inspiration from organic elements.

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Seattle-based Sarah Loertscher transforms precious metals and stones into misshapen crystals and thin wires of silver into structured messes of metal.  Her label, Lucy Machine, features a collection that is regularly sold on Etsy and Renegade Craft's online shop but she's currently "changing out" her inventory.  Expect a new stash of necklaces, cufflinks, and earrings at her Renegade booth!

Figs & Ginger makes me smile, and it's not just because of their cute little animal charms that balance inside silver rings and wires (the wire necklaces are my favorite, ranging $60 -$75) .  Rhonda and Elijah Wyman make sure that their products are as eco-friendly as they can possibly make them.  This includes using at least 50% recycled metals and shipping out products in 90% recycled, 50% post-consumer mailers.

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The name of Krista DeJoseph's jewelry line immediately gives you a hint of what to expect from her label. According to the website's about page, Sprout Jewelry fuses natural themes with "industrial, urban shapes."  I can totally see that in her Chrysler ring ($39), which I first thought was a stack of silver "twigs" but actually took inspiration from the shape of the New York's famous Chrysler Building.  My favorite pieces. like the Poet Necklace ($30), consist of clusters of silver berries and twisted bunches of, what else, sprouts!  Her collection is not only pretty to look at; you'll be proud of making a purchase from Sprout because the company has donated over $5,000 to non-profit orgs that, simply put, better our world.

This is when we take a short detour away from the forest themes; Dust Design Co. takes discarded metal objects, mostly beautifully complex vintage watch parts, and turns them into unique pieces of jewelry.  I love the Dark Deco Dotted Steampunk ring ($27), but if you're looking for something with greater luster, browse through Dust Design's inventory on Etsy.

Melissa McClure Jewelry Alchemy is another artist who is inspired by nature, but Melissa's pieces are in no way conventional.  Cascading loops and branches of silver are aplenty in the collection, so beautifully pieced together.  The Double Helix cuff (isn't it a single helix?) is one of my favorite pieces, but really, I just want everything.

The last category for best picks will be apparel.  It will be a short post -- I'm very selective when it comes to clothes...

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