Friday, June 12, 2009

A taste of luxury at UTC

Yikes, was my last post really published over a week ago? Finals week was tough but I'm so glad it's over. Except now I'm realizing that moving out of my dorm will not be an easy task. Yesterday, I went on a little shopping trip at La Jolla's UTC (University Towne Center) to peruse the magazine rack and pick up some gifts for my friend who's turning 18 and my dad for Father's Day. I hate the layout of this outdoor mall, but UTC has quite a few nice stores. I very rarely go to any Nordstrom store, as the closest one to my house was probably 20 minutes away by car. But getting to the Nordstrom at UTC is a very quick bus trip from my school!

Why yes, I do try on clothes without the intention of buying anything. Some designer pieces from the spring/summer 2009 season are on clearance but obviously they're all still expensive. Still, I tried a couple of Marc Jacobs pieces from that season, probably one of my favorites from him ever since I started checking out fashion lookbooks. I still remember sitting in front of the computer in my parents' room before the school year started, ogling each look. I'm 5'2" so obviously, I'm not a good candidate for a model, plus I held my camera phone at a weird angle. And I especially look bad pictured next to Simona McIntyre (who, by the way, had a few items on eBay for sale for the first time...sorry for not informing y'all earlier...). Believe me, it was a pretty skirt, even though it makes me look like a grandma!

Here's another Marc Jacobs item but it's not a runway look. It's a gorgeous Indian-style silk cocktail dress that I just had to try on when I saw the sash that hung over the shoulder, hehe yeah that made all the difference. I topped off my shoe-less look with a Brighton long necklace that my aunt bought for me while she was Brighton employee. Again, this look would've looked better if I was taller. I wish I tried on a few more Marc pieces but the cashier nearby was intimidating. She put a couple of items on the rack I was looking through and when I said sorry for getting in her way she didn't say anything, in fact I seemed invisible to her...

I also tried on pairs of Citizens of Humanity and Seven jeans and found that I'm a size 25! I always thought I was a 24...hmm, college food has fattened me up (kidding! sort of). A store staff member kept helping me out, looking for skinny jeans that would fit me. Gosh, I felt so bad. But she was unintentionally pressuring me into buying $170 jeans (or maybe it was intentional)! While I was in the dressing room, I thought, "I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO BUY THIS."

So moral of the story is to avoid high end department store staff members. Just kidding. In the end, I couldn't find anything for my dad and friend. SAD FACE, I suck at buying presents without thinking it over. Nor did I find any great magazine issues under $15 (if you're a mag whore, look into the most recent i-D and Tank issues). I did, however, buy a pretty $6 necklace for myself (ugly model in the Charlotte Russe accessories frontpage is wearing it, the flower necklace). I also bought a $50 20x200 print earlier today after getting a little too excited about their 20% More Ridiculous Sale (enter the code RIDONK at checkout), but I suffer from buyer's remorse and I'm trying to cancel my order. I tried convincing myself that these gifts to myself should be considered rewards for finishing my first college year (wooo such a big deal!) but it didn't work.

Banner image: me. Photo of Simona McIntyre: Marcio Madeira for

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