Monday, June 29, 2009

Such dolls

Design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren had great logic while they were planning their FW 2009 ad campaign. Why not replace doll-faced models with...dolls? DUHHH, right? Kidding, of course. You can find out more about these chic figurines here.

Fashion currently has a soft spot for big-eyed, doll faced gals after going through infatuations with curvaceous babes of the '80s and grungey waifs of the '90s (they're all still loved, though). What makes a model doll-like? A perfect mix of a petite nose, round cheeks, a cute pout...and then some. Here are some models who possess such a face...

Lily Cole, of course! I wasn't a big fan of her childish features at first but once I found out that she attends Cambridge University and earned top marks, I thought she definitely deserved some respect!

Left: Moschino I Love Love fragrance campaign: the ad that freaked me out. Right: From Fashion Rocks! 2006. She plays the role of Alice in Marilyn Manson's movie that has been under production since 2005. I think her face is perfect for a sort of nightmarish Grimm Brothers story character.

I don't know too much about Heather Marks, I'll admit, since she started fading from the fashion scene when I started learning more about it. Heather's pre-Fashion Week diet log in New York Mag's Grub Street inspired me to convert to a more nutritious diet (which was VERY DIFFICULT since I lived on a college campus). The part that seemed most intriguing to me: she eats meat but has that food consciousness that vegans possess.

Left: Cover girl for German Vogue, October 2004. Right: face of the Anna Sui SS 2005 campaign.

Vlada Roslyakova, of course, is a very renowned doll face! Though I have noticed that the bags under her eyes are getting puffier and puffier (I don't think the cigs help either), I still think she's an awesome model.

Left: A Madonna-esque Vlada in David Vasiljevic's "Valley Girl/ Disco Queen" from Numéro Tokyo July/August 2009. I seriously want to purchase this issue just to get my hands on a physical copy of this girlishly pink editorial. Right: from the Top Models La Nouvelle Vague supplement to Paris Vogue April 2008. This picture shows how tired she often looks, especially back in 2008. I was so very fortunate to be in France when the April issue of Paris Vogue and the supplement were released. It was one of the only purchases I made during my European trip!

Here's a doll face who is not often mentioned: Lindsay Ellingson. Her rounded facial features and big buggish eyes easily make her the odd but beautiful beauty that casting directors look for.

Left: part of the Banila Co. campaign. Doesn't she have such a pretty pout?? Right: After seeing her "Street Style" picture in Teen Vogue (taken by Craig Arend), I began my search for an oversized light blue blouse. In the meantime, I imitated her look by wearing my collared Gap blouse, Stussy coat (yes, it's Stussy, but it looks quite refined), black Target skinny jeans, and a vintage royal blue scarf.

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One of my newest favorites is the very adorable, pretty-eyed, young, and articulate Imogen Morris-Clarke! She's young but she's not the wild child who's ditching the normality of school life for parties with in-crowds. She takes school quite seriously, focusing on her exams before Fashion Week SS 2009 as much as she could, according to her interview with Pony-Ryder (which is possibly the greatest time-killer ever), and going straight back to school after Fashion Week FW 2009. I respect her so much for that, especially being an academics-focused student. Hmm...must do a Model Love feature on her someday.

Left: "NEO-romantic", an editorial from Vogue Italia June 2009. Looking creepily cute in a monochromatic photograph taken by Emma Summerton, known for her chilling blue hued captures. Right: Gorgeous in winged black liner and red lipstick backstage at Dolce & Gabbana FW 2009.

Okay, I haven't mentined any non-Caucasian models yet, I know. But here she comes... Though Emma Pei's eyes aren't very large, her soft, rounded features make her a great example of an Asian doll face. She's one of my very favorite models, but pretty much all the Asian models who prevail on the runway are favorites. Naturally...since I'm Asian I'm a bit biased towards Asian models hehe...

Left: "The Power of Art", a photo editorial by photog Nick Haymes for Vogue China June 2008, one of the Vogue issues I wish I owned. Right: At a party for Lane Crawford's Beijing store opening, taken by The Sartorialist.

Of course, the first person who comes to mind for most of us when the word "doll" is mentioned is Gemma Ward, though many critics called her facial features "alien-like". She even played a character called "Dollface" in that poorly received horror flick The Strangers. But looking past the "doll" label, I think she's gorgeous in an unconventional way.

Left: "La Cité des Anges" from Vogue Paris October 2005. So ethereal...this is from one of my favorite photo eds shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Right: John Galliano SS 2006. This may seem weird, but this picture made me love Gemma's a non-obsessive way. I knew who Gemma was when I was around 16 years old, searching for her actual Myspace (which I eventually found but it's bookmarked on my other computer and anyway it's kind of wrong to intrude on someone's private life. I repeat: NOT OBSESSIVE.) and discovering a Myspace fanpage for the model instead. This picture was posted on the profile page and I loved those lilac-glossed lips! Some might disagree with me when I say SHE HAS THE PERFECT POUT.

That was a long post...I know I missed a lot of models... Which of your favorite doll faces go unmentioned? How about unfavorite doll faces? Who do you think lost their doll features with age (and a few pregnancies cough Natalia*)?

*For the record, Natalia Vodianova is one of my favorite models ever. She became one of my first favorites after I found out that she has three children. Mom models!

AHH TOO MANY PEEKTURES! Can't be too specific but here are some credits:, tFS,,,,,, I LOVE YOU ALL FOR THE UPLOADS! If I didn't credit your picture, I am so sorry and please tell me so I can name your site/username!


ryder said...

so many models at once.
here it is:
lily was at the begining one of my fav. of course she was very unual etc, but after that playboy editiona nd now pirelli calendar, i dont know... but sexy pictures with doll baby face are just wierd!
imogen is the sweeeeetest girl i know.
gemma was such a success but then came sasha, who was supposted be in gemmas shadow and she overshined her!
heather, well i was never really a fan, because i guess, she always seemed to peaceful? but im definetly checking her thread again on your link.
who else... so mayn of them, i can go on for days.

p.s. very good observation.


WendyB said...

Reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. "Grandma, what big eyes you have!" "All the better to see you with, my dear!"

Anonymous said...

Alexi Laiho has doll like features too. He is the lead singer of Children of Bodom. Thanks for adding all the models.

Anonymous said...

Calvin Harris has doll like features too. He is a Scottish dance musician and DJ.