Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say bonjour to colette's sale

Bonjour! Bon appetit! S'il vous plaît! Merci beaucoup! That's about all the French I learned during my school trip to France; I regret not going to one place while I was in Paris.

The super chic French fashion boutique (teehee it rhymes) colette will be having a 50% markdown sale in-store and online on SS 2009 womenswear and menswear and select stufferz like books and CDs and prints and whatnots starting Wednesday, July 17. Yes, everything will probably still be expensive but it's 50% less expensive, so that makes things...slightly better. So that means the Marc Jacobs skirt I tried on at Nordstrom is even going to be on sale on colette.fr! I can't believe I wore something worth 640 Euros...*squeals* But why buy it on colette.fr when you can just get it at Nordstrom, right? Well, here are some of my picks from the colette website which might go on sale (ridiculously high VAT included in all prices)...

So this is why everyone loved SS 2009 Pugh so much. Love the contrasts. Pugh for 100 Euros?? It's almost like a dream...I think.

omgomgomg If you can afford that Luella dress, BUY IT. This would've made such a cute prom dress but instead I had got something from Charlotte Russe for $20 (then I returned it a few weeks later). This is so beautiful and perfect, I actually saved colette's images of the dress.

Yes, it's THAT Comme cardigan. MObama goes avant-garde.

Yoox.com is also holding a 50% off sale, just to tell ya, plus Yoox sells tons of cheaper items...but colette's website is so much cuter, no?

Updatez: Everything I featured in this post is on sale!

Photos: colette.fr

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sale sale sale hahaha, nice blog :)