Thursday, June 25, 2009

Models are too young

Study of a Boy 1 & 2, 2007

Since blogging got popular, accessing info on artists, both rising and renowned, has never been easier. You don't have to be a super fancy schmancy art connoseuir to appreciate all kinds of artistic mediums. Loretta Lux most recently piqued my interest; yes, her name sounds nice, but I was drawn by her strangely striking portraits of children that are subtle such that they are uncomplicated by loud colors and jagged shapes. Although subdued by neutral colors and creamy textures, her painting-like photographs are so eerie because of her subjects.

The Walk, 2004

These children, who sort of remind me of those kids from The Village of the Damned, unexpectedly drew my attention with their gaze and blank faces. The unsettling feeling that Lux's art delivers is formed by the children's unnatural poses, milky skin colors, and unexpressive faces. And the quiet, stark environments that the children are pictured in don't exactly ease the tension.

From top to bottom: Paulin, 2002; Vogue Italia July 2009, Editorial: A Singular Style, Photographer: Tom Munro, Model: Sessilee Lopez

The poses especially reminded me of the way fashion models position themselves for a pictures. Unlike Lux's models, fashion models are asked to show lots of expression, but in both cases, the models' bodies are positioned for someone else. But in no way do the subjects look vulnerable with faces that say, "Whatchu lookin' at?", transfixing the viewer's gaze. Lux won't reveal her methods to achieve her smooth-lined works that are both highly priced and highly sought. But the techniques are best kept secret, leaving the aesthetic quality of her works undeterred.

Okay, off-topic, but most recently, one death has been coming after another. Three celebrities -- Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson -- and one family member, my grandma, who I believe is finally at peace after years of suffering from cirrhosis. RIP

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Mawlee said...

My mom loves that song.

Those photos are trippy.

Your grandmom, Farrah, Michael, and Ed are seriously in a much MUCH better place now.