Saturday, June 20, 2009

Frivolous Fun! - Swatch Bijoux baubles

Swatch — the poor man's plastic alternative to too-extravagant-to-touch-let-alone-wear Rolex and Piaget watches. Too bad Southern California has so few Swatch stores; while I was in Europe, Swatch shops were everywhere! I peeked inside every store I saw and looked at the cute little watches from the Ladies collections. Even my mom's hometown, Guangzhou, China, holds five stores and two flagships!

My younger cousin used to frequent Swatch stores while she lived in China and after I showed her the pretty Love Explosion ring I found in the Chinese newspaper, she presented me with all the Swatch watches she gathered in her hometown. Lucky girl... But what I'm really interested in are these charming little rings! I just realized that last sentence was punny. If you're a huge fan of all things cute then maybe you wouldn't feel so guilty if you made a Swatch purchase. After all, each ring costs no more than £40 across the pond. Here in America, however, a Swatch Bijoux ring can total $70. NOT ONLY THAT, but the beautiful blue Love Explosion ring I love so much isn't even available on the Swatch USA online shop! WTF, USA?? JK JK.

The unavailability of that ring didn't stop me from looking up even more unattainable trinkets...including ones from past seasons!

I can picture David Hockney rocking this Pool Party ring.

No, the Secret Code rings are not functional locks.

Zampilo rings are soso cute! And cheaper than those Diorette rings! You...DO remember those Dior cluster rings from SS 2008, right?...

BLIIIIING!!! I can hear hip hop artists rapping from afar for this Feel the Beat ring!
poster luzern Originally uploaded by archigab

Not a fan of the gold boombox? Just shout "HEY, MISTUH DEEJAY!" Available only as a necklace!

HAHAHA BEATLES REFERENCE...I forgot all about this SS 2008 ad! This is one of the most spot-on tributes I've ever seen! Check out the second model to the left...sans shoes, just like barefooted Paul McCartney on the actual Abbey Road album cover! Girl on the far right wears a full white outfit, just like John Lennon! And there's a white Volkswagon bug in the background! Teehee all these details matter to Beatles fans.

Banner image via luxx of tfs, model: Lakshmi Menon (didn't know she modeled back in 2007), photographer: Farrokh Chothia. Images of cluster rings via


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

the 'feel the beat' ring is too cool!

A said...

I don't know how I stumbled here but I totally have that pool party ring and it's one of my favorite things. I got it after seeing it on a billboard in Times Square in June 2005, had to search the Internet for it and finally got it from some site in Spain. Love Swatch jewelry!