Saturday, May 23, 2009

Month of Romance - 'The Wedding Party'

Can you guess who her sister is just by looking at this fair-skinned face? I'm not very good at spotting what exact features that siblings share, but something about her most definitely makes me think of a young Sasha. Yup, this is Alyona, Sasha Pivovarova's sister.

A lot of Vogue readers may already be familiar with this picture from the editorial titled 'The Wedding Party', is in the most recent issue, June 2009 and there's a lot of "the usual" US Vogue crap in here, including shots of established Vogue models (Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Karlie Kloss) jumping in front of a beige studio background. Then there's that weird Lara Stone photo's a model known for her tough "angry face" stroking Morgan Freeman's cheek. On the other hand, the photo ed featuring Sasha Pivovarova and her photog husband, Igor Vishnyakov, is kind of cute.

I love that most of the people in these pictures are not models. You'll find Mama Pivovarova (Olga Ivanova Pivovarova) and Igor's niece Lilia Masha Vishnyakov sitting between Buddhist Shaolin Temple Warrior monk Shi Yan Ming and Russian photographer Leonid Lubianitsky. And standing next to models Hana Soukupova and Irina Kulikova is Sasha's bro, Oleg.

I love seeing this family together...with some extras (some very famous extras). Below are some thumbnails to my favorite images of the editorial, including Igor doing a traditional Russian dance while Sasha stands there...and laughs! All of the scans are courtesy of SashaCo from The Fashion Spot but being the picky visuals-oriented person I am, I color corrected the selected images on Photoshop (though differences in LCD brightness/contrast/color settings will produce different results). You can find all the original scans here.

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P.S. If you are DYING to have a different image from this editorial, or ANY editorial, color corrected, don't hesitate to ask me through commenting!

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