Saturday, May 9, 2009

The beauty of Mother's Day

Most of the world is already celebrating Mother's Day but here in Pacific time, Mother's Day is still a couple hours away. I wish a big, wholehearted Happy Mother's Day to all the loving, caring moms in the world!

I wonder what all of y'all gave/plan to give your mothers on this special day...whether it's something you bought, something you made, or something abstract. What happened today was a bit funny. I already presented my mom with her present, which I was planning to do, but she walked into my room while the present was in plain sight. "What's that??" she asked. HAHA. Bit of a warning...this post is a break from fashion; time for a personal aside...

A couple of weeks ago, I IMed my brother via AIM and asked if he got a Mother's Day gift for our mom yet. He said no but he was thinking about giving her Gold Bond foot cream. As good Gold Bond is advertised to be, our mom deserves a little better than drugstore products. My mom is always doing house work since she's the only one at home all day and has the capability of keeping on her toes and taking care of my grandparents.

I put my product finder skills to work and searched for the most popular foot cream out there. I found several options but once I got to the Sephora website, the L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream page boasted such reviews:

"I put this cream on my feet every night then put socks on my feet and leave my feet like that overnight. I wake up to soft feet."

No more cracked ugly heals with this foot lotion!!!!"
Use it on hands...its great for those who wash hands frequently or work outdoors.

PERFECT! My mom does BOTH those things mentioned in the last review (washing her hands often is not due to OCD; Asian recipes require lots of veggie washing)! So then came my quest to find this product in a nearby store, perhaps in San Diego's Fashion Valley. I came across a L'Occitane store just the weekend before, when I was at Irvine Spectrum. I was surprised when I saw it right next to the very American Macy's department store since I thought L'Occitane was purely a French thing. The first and only L'Occitane store I had browsed was at Rouen, France. As I thought, there IS a L'Occitane store at Fashion Valley, but there was one way closer (30 minutes difference by bus), at University Town Center! How convenient! I didn't visit this outdoors mall since October when I went ice skating with my hallmates. So this was also a good time to explore a new shopping space.

My brother agreed that this cream would make a great gift so off I was last Friday to find this product. Inside the fragrant (headache-inducing for my friend) store, I found many types of creams, but not the one I was looking for specifically. Luckily, the L'Occitane employee came up to me and noted that there was a "better" foot cream than the tube of Lavendar Foot Cream I held. L'Occitane's organic, African-grown shea butter makes up 20% of the very popular foot cream. While I chatted with the employee a bit more and discovered that she lives very close to my hometown (1.75 hours away from SD) and her favorite restaurant is where my aunt works, I got the 5.2 oz package gift wrapped in lavendar-coloerd tissue paper. At $26 + tax, I felt that this gift was reasonably priced when it comes to good skincare. Not to mention that I got a few free samples of other L'Occitane products!

As I was taking pictures of the wrapped gift here at home, my mom walked inside my room and spotted the purple package on my bed. Teehee, oh well, she was supposed to get it anyway. xoxoxo

Photos: me.

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