Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is how I say sorry...

Since I haven't blogged for a while, here are a couple of treats to ask for forgiveness...

1. recently launched after months of planning/website preparedness stuff that I have no clue about. Since I subscribed to updates a long while ago, I got the e-mail about its launch last Thursday. I didn't see too many impressive items on sale (still quite expensive) but the site has been getting more new stock, including some great designer garments for a limited time Pop-Up Sale. Unlike other discounted/cosignment sales websites, anyone can register to buy items from without invitation.
Some good finds from the whole site include a color block Chloé dress from Spring 2008 (it was actually the opening dress of the SS 2008 runway show), a painterly printed Alberta Ferretti dress, Stella McCartney beaded tribal heels, and hot pink suede Loubooties (I'm not the only one who likes these shoes, right?). The Pop-Up sale ends right at the stroke of midnight on Monday so you still have Sunday to shop.

2. ideeli is holding an Escada clothing and accessories sale next Monday, April 27 so wherever you are in America (sorry, people outside the US...), you can look forward to summer by buying some colorful brights and getting excited to wear them once things warm up! It's cold here in SoCal...even New York has much warmer temperatures at this time! The sale will most likely start at 12PM EST for 2nd Row Members (standard membership) and 11AM EST for 1st Row Members (they're members who bought sales priorities but they shouldn't get the way of standard members). Here's an invite link, enjoy!

I hope I won't be as busy this week (or from now on) so I can update this blog more often. I just got assigned an essay that's due on Friday. Plus I have a midterm on Friday........
I'll try to blog.

--UPDATE 04.27.09--

I really encourage you to join ideeli now, as the YSL clutch giveaway is accepting entries for only six hours TODAY! Go go go!

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